We’re Number One!

Forbes lists the ten cities best-poised for economic recovery.  In general, they’re the ones that haven’t suffered much.  Austin, Texas is number one.  Austin’s unemployment rate is 5.8%, it’s growing, and, despite job losses at Dell and other high-tech firms, it would be hard to tell from here that there’s a recession going on. Three other Texas cities are on the best-ten list: San Antonio, … Continue reading We’re Number One!

Politicians and Drunken Sailors

It’s funny despite the fact that it’s true: Glenn Reynolds compares our leaders to drunken sailors, and finds that they should aspire to such a higher degree of responsible behavior: ANNE APPLEBAUM: Why is the Right doing so well in Europe? For a start, they don’t spend like drunken sailors. The underlying point is good, but I think that expression is actually unfair to drunken … Continue reading Politicians and Drunken Sailors

Unemployment: The Second Derivative

Unemployment rose in May to 9.4%. Instead of reporting this as bad news, most mainstream media outlets reported it as positive, because the rate of job losses, they said, is slowing. That’s hardly how it would be reported if a Republican were in the White House! But put that aside. Conservative web sites are showing this graph, produced by Innocent Bystanders, which compares the Obama … Continue reading Unemployment: The Second Derivative