“ABC Self-Nationalizes For Obama”

That’s the headline on the editorial at Investor’s Business Daily, and it seems spot on:

This Wednesday, on every show from “Good Morning America” (kicking things off with an interview with the president) to “World News Tonight” (broadcast from the Blue Room) to a prime-time special called “Prescription for America” (and emanating from the East Room), the network will puff the Obama administration’s trillion-dollar plan to nationalize U.S. health care.

The all-day, White House-based coverage itself amounts to a nationalization — this one of a major media outlet in support of an administration that will return the favor for access at the cost of objectivity and the public’s right to know.

Don’t think it isn’t. This isn’t your grandfather’s propaganda. Forget public service announcements. Just as some newspaper ads trick themselves up to look like news stories to enhance their credibility, making a partisan program indistinguishable from the nightly “news” is a propaganda tool in the same vein….

This is a disgrace. Much of the U.S. private sector, from banks to automakers to hospitals, have resisted a government takeover, seeking to maintain their independence. Only the media, which should be the most independent of all, haven’t….

It all amounts to a sad corruption of American journalism. Once upon a time, people would go into journalism to expose the seamy underbelly of American politics. Today, ABC News, in its abject submission to the Obama administration on health care, has decided to become the seamy underbelly.

Remember the program Marx and Engels outline in The Communist Manifesto?  Two of the items keep popping into my head as I look at the news these days:

  • Centralization of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.
  • Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state.

Credit, banks, transport—check! Communication—so far, they haven’t even had to work at that one.  It’s easy to fish when they jump right into the boat.

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