An Axis of Evil Exam

North Korea tests a nuclear weapon about as powerful as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima; Iran proceeds apace toward a bomb of its own—or was the one detonated a proxy test for Iran already?—while Israel, realizing that it’s on its own, contemplates an attack on Iran and tells its citizens to prepare for all-out war.  Funny how George W. Bush’s departure from office has made the world much less safe, and how quickly.

Wretchard asks: Is President Obama becoming an international laughingstock?

Saul Alinsky taught his disciples that authority figures could survive anything except public ridicule. Once people began to laugh at you, things were heading downhill. The recent actions and rhetoric from North Korea and Iran openly mock the Obama administration. Ahmadinejad was dismissive of Obama’s offer of direct negotiations and has challenged the US President to appear in a freakshow debate of his own device before the UN. If the news reports of Ehud Barak’s remarks are accurate, then even the Israeli Defense Minister, who would ordinarily be diplomatically correct and deferential towards an American President is practically characterizing his trip to Washington as a waste of time. Is President Obama, the sweep of whose hands it was once believed could silence the world, in danger of becoming an object of derision? He is in any event, in the middle of the challenge which Joe Biden predicted he would face.

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