Obama the Orator

The past few days have witnessed dueling speeches between President Obama and former Vice-President Cheney.  The guys at PowerLine have dissected Obama’s speech, pointing out its absurdity here, here, and here.  Even without that level of detail, it’s easy to see that there’s something ridiculous about bashing your predecessor’s anti-terror policies while announcing that you’re continuing them.  Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue, as La Rochefoucauld had it– the vice in this case being irresponsible campaign allegations and promises.  Perhaps to hide the hypocrisy, Obama reiterates the allegations even while breaking the promises.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sanity shares my reaction to Obama’s supposedly wonderful rhetoric:

Over and over again I hear how “wonderful” Obama’s rhetoric is; how much everyone responds to it and how it makes them hopeful about the future etc. etc. etc.

Frankly, I can barely stand to listen to the man. I have to read transcripts of most of his speeches because my reaction to his style is so negative. I don’t like the sensation of being manipulated; nor do I like being lectured to by someone who instinctively believes they are far more virtuous than I am– and intends to show me the error of my ways.

Understand that I listen to people for a living. I hear various degrees of honesty, sincerity, and real emotional pain being expressed on a regular basis. I also hear some of the most self-serving, dishonest and completely irresponsible utterings that it is possible to imagine. Yet, in my professional career, I have to freely admit that I have heard nothing like the deceitful and self-aggrandizing utterings of Barack Obama, which seem to get more and more pathological with every speech he gives. His most recent scam, in the National Archives in front of a fake copy of the U.S. Constitution just about takes the cake. This is not irony, so much as it is the grandiosity of tyranny….

Next time you listen to the Obamessiah’s speeches, listen to what he doesn’t say. Listen to the vagueness, the vacuity. Listen to the lack of specifics and the blatant emotional manipulation. Listen to the cognitive dissonance between what he is saying in his seductive, sedating style; and what he is doing with his deliberate, statist national policies and his foreign policy that not only demeans America by apologizing for her very existence; but severly handicaps her ability to act in the future. Watch how he badmouths the previous Administration, then surrepticiously implements the same policies that kept us safe over the last 8 years. The only problem with this last is that by simultaneously denouncing the security policies he is embracing, he is making schizophrenics of all the honorable people who are working hard to keep this country safe.

How long can this schizophrenogenic behavior go on before it essentially cripples those same patriots–because their service and their patriotism can be rendered criminal on the slightest whim of this unprincipled coxcomb?

How long can you pretend to stand for peace, when you enthusiastically embrace lying, murdering, genocidal terrorists?

That sounds a lot like what I said a few months ago:

He can’t speak for even a few minutes without a teleprompter. Despite his reputation as a brilliant speaker, I have never heard him speak well. Half the faculty at my university, at least, are better speakers—some, much better speakers. He displays no talent for analysis or insight. He recites political cant without demonstrating any understanding or ability to explain a position. He seems unaware of the most elementary historical, economic, and social-scientific facts.

But now we see that he speaks as if ignorant of the facts even when they’re in plain view, right in front of his and his audience’s faces.  “Whp are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

2 thoughts on “Obama the Orator

  1. I guess this makes five or six of us (one of my commenters says he’s “boring.”) Jennifer Rubin and this fellow: http://tinyurl.com/r58h6p

    are equally unimpressed. I only watched part of the 6600 word speech- I, too, just print the darned thing out. When you see it on the page in front of you, what jumps out is that he’s describing the difficulty of a problem that anyone who has read about it as a general reader (like me) has known for years. But no solutions.

    He has stock rhetorical phrases and a fetish for alliteration that borders on the absurd. This is the price society pays for elevating people like Maya Angelou to the status of “poet.” After Oprah declared her “her favorite poet,” the bar for great oratory, especially from Chicago and environs, was set in a trench six feet below ground.

  2. Well said. There’s never any novel analysis, any new conceptualization, any new terminology, any solution being proposed and argued for; there’s just a familiar statement of the problem that accords with the left’s conventional wisdom.

    I agree with you about Maya Angelou. I see no literary value in her work at all. Our standards have collapsed– or at least those of the left have– and it looks as if worse is yet to come.

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