Dollars to Doughnuts

Another incongruous moment: in the gym yesterday, I watched Obama take credit for the hiring of 25 new Columbus police officers, claiming it as proof that his economic plan was working—on the day that unemployment rose to 8.1% and the Dow continued its plummet. (The Dow, incidentally, is doing worse than in the Great Depression. In a fall debate before the election, I argued that … Continue reading Dollars to Doughnuts

Wretchard’s Rules

Richard Fernandez notes that the census is evidently back under the control of the Commerce Department, thanks largely to the efforts of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas. He makes some important observations: I can only surmise that Marsha Blackburn’s call for a “House investigation” threatened to put one or more people in the White House under the spotlight. Perhaps the implicit message was: ‘do … Continue reading Wretchard’s Rules

The War against the Critics

First, the President’s spokespeople attack Rick Santelli; then, Jim Cramer; and now, Rush Limbaugh. It appears they’re coordinating attacks on Limbaugh. Let’s put aside the dubious politics of this—doesn’t it add to the stature of these critics, and publicize their criticisms?—and reflect for a moment on the criticisms themselves. After all, out of many critical things that have been said and written about Obama, these … Continue reading The War against the Critics

Obama the Diplomat

Remember Obama’s promise to use “smart diplomacy”? Well, so does Charles Krauthammer, who calls Obama’s “secret” letter to the Russian President “a debacle.” Obama offered to sell out Eastern Europe on missile defense, giving it to the Russians instead, in exchange for their help in controlling Iran. Krauthammer seems to think the disaster here is in the leaking of the letter and the amateurish appearance … Continue reading Obama the Diplomat

Meeting in the Middle

What lies between communism and capitalism? And are any of the inhabitants of that much-fabled region stable equilibria? Unfortunately, the best candidate might be crony capitalism. China has moved from communism to crony capitalism, as Richard Fernandez reports, and Obama seems committed to pushing the United States from capitalism to the government-dominated economy characteristic of crony capitalism. So much the worse for all of us. … Continue reading Meeting in the Middle