Are We Becoming a Banana Republic?

John Hinderaker thinks so:

If the Pelosi bill is actually enacted into law (which I still think is doubtful) and upheld by the courts, there is no limit to the arbitrary power of Congress. In that event, we have no property rights and there is no Constitution–no equal protection clause, no due process clause, no impairment of contracts clause, no bill of attainder/ex post facto law clause. Instead, we are living in a majoritarian tyranny. As I explained here, there is nothing wrong with the AIG bonuses and no reason why they should be repaid. But even if you think it was wrong for AIG to pay them, Pelosi’s proposed confiscatory tax–total taxes would exceed 100 percent in some jurisdictions–is an outrage. If Congress can appease a howling mob of demagogues by enacting discriminatory tax legislation against a group of people who are, for the moment, politically unpopular, even though the vast majority of them have nothing to do with the supposed problems that have given rise to popular outcry–imagine, say, Congress enacting a surtax on the incomes of all homosexuals in response to a notorious case of homosexual molestation–then the idea that the Constitution affords us any sort of protection against arbitrary government power is an illusion.

Peter Robinson agrees:

The emergence of misrule, corruption and economic stagnation in Latin American nations follows a particular sequence or progression. Now the sequence was unfolding in the United States.

“It starts with a cult of personality,” the Cuban explained. “One man declares himself the jefe, the caudillo, the big leader.”

Had Obama attempted to instigate something like a cult of personality? The American found the charge impossible to refute. During the campaign, Obama had failed to advance a genuine agenda, instead campaigning on “hope” and “change.” In effect, he had asked Americans to turn the nation over to him on blind faith….

Let George W. Bush mispronounce a word, and the press would howl for a month. Let Barack Obama offend against language itself–let him suggest that he signed perhaps the most reckless fiscal act in American history as an instance of “fiscal responsibility,” engaging in an almost Orwellian example of doublespeak–and the press utters scarcely a murmur.

“After the cult of personality,” the Colombian explained, “what comes next is nationalization.” Fidel had nationalized the Cuban sugar mills, Chavez the Banco de Venezuela, Morales the Bolivian oil and gas industries.

Obama? He may not have been issuing sweeping diktats. But as the American had to admit, he had already presided over a vast expansion of the federal stake in banks, in the automobile industry and in the mortgage markets. And in his address before Congress, he had proposed a new federal presence in health care, an industry that accounts for a full one-seventh of the economy.

“The last step?” asked the Cuban. “Censorship. It won’t be obvious at first–they’re always too smart for that. But it will come.”

My fears during the election campaign are being reignited. “What evidence do we have,” I asked people, “that Obama is not an American Hugo Chavez?” All his associations, all his statements, all his actions, seemed pointed in that direction. They still do. What startles me is that the Democratic Party—not just the fringe, but the mainstream—seems cool with it. Was concern with civil rights just an act? Has the Democratic Party really become ideologically indistinguishable from the CPUSA?

Can this really be happening? Surely, it’s an exaggeration? I hope so. But look at this morning’s Drudge headlines:

REGULATE! Obama will call for increased oversight of ‘executive pay at all banks, Wall Street firms and possibly other companies’ as part of sweeping plan to ‘overhaul financial regulation’, NY TIMES reporting Sunday, newsroom sources tell DRUDGE… Developing…

Alarm over US moves for punitive taxes…

Legislation Likely to Be Upheld in Court…

GM, CHRYSLER May Need ‘Considerably’ More Than $21.6B…

Oregon, Nevada Join California Among States With Jobless Rates Above 10%…

Dollar Posts Largest Weekly Drop Since 1985…

Agenda on track despite worsening deficits…

$9.3 trillion in next 10 years…

Highest ratio to GDP since 1940s…

Frank wants FANNIE, FREDDIE bonuses halted…

AIG outrage has employees living in fear…

Paper: Is this the end of America?

White House bars press from press award ceremony…


3 thoughts on “Are We Becoming a Banana Republic?

  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog for quite a while now. Thank you for the time you put into it.

    I was raised by socialists, so I know what these people are capable of…I’ve lived it. I didn’t want to eat spaghetti every night and wear hippie clothes, so I started babysitting and cleaning houses at 10 so I could eat and clothe myself like a normal person. That’s when I learned about “to each according to his need, from each according to his ability.” But that was BS, others living in the house were able but not willing to contribute.

    Anyway, I have since grown up and now everything I was taught about takeover which has been 40 years in the planning, is coming to fruition. One generation of teachers, journalists, and politicians can change the world. They’ve had a couple generations now, and they are going to change the world.

    This reminds me of what happened in Nazi Germany before Hitler’s rise. The American people are too stupid to know they need to stop it, and they have the power to do so in the voting booth. But the press is complicit in the deception…very powerful and difficult to overcome.

    Thomas Jefferson said that the democracy ceases to exist when 51% of the people vote to have the other 49% pay for them. That is why our form of government is suited ONLY for morally whole leaders, of which we have fewer and fewer because of the assaults launched against them by the press.

    This is orchestrated chaos. Everything that is happening is planned and purposeful. It is classic marxism with an American Obamamanical twist.

    Here are links with all the background to put it into context. Forgive me if I’ve posted them previously, but you seem like a good guy and I want to do my little part to get the word out to your readers…I won’t post them again, as that would make me boorish. 🙂


    My fear is that the CEO of google is now Obama’s best friend. Conservatives will be identifiable on the net, how will freedom loving people connect with each other? When the government takes over healthcare, CONSERVATIVES WITH AVERAGE INCOMES ARE IN GRAVE DANGER.

    But, hey, give me liberty or give me death. I’m up for a fight for freedom.

  2. Here’s a chilling development. Read this bill.

    It gives POTUS power to 1) shut down, 2) seize, then 3) classify ANY computer component, PUBLIC OR PRIVATE.

    Below are the crucial sections.

    SEC. 23. DEFINITIONS. In this Act:

    (2) CYBER.—The term ‘‘cyber’’ means—
    (A) any process, program, or protocol relating to the use of the Internet or an intranet, automatic data processing or transmission, or telecommunication via the Internet or an intranet; and
    (B) any matter relating to, or involving the use of, computers or computer networks.

    (3) FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND UNITED STATES CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND NETWORKS.—The term ‘‘Federal government and United States critical infrastructure information systems and networks’’ includes—
    (A) Federal Government information systems and networks; and
    (B) State, local, and nongovernmental information systems and networks in the United States designated by the President as critical infrastructure information systems and networks.

    The President—
    (1) within 1 year after the date of enactment of this Act, shall develop and implement a comprehensive national cybersecurity strategy, which shall include—
    (A) a long-term vision of the nation’s cy(B) a plan that encompasses all aspects of national security, including the participation of the private sector, including critical infrastructure operators and managers;
    (2) may declare a cybersecurity emergency and order the limitation or shutdown of Internet traffic to and from any compromised Federal government or United States critical infrastructure information system or network;
    (3) shall designate an agency to be responsible for coordinating the response and restoration of any Federal government or United States critical infrastructure information system or network affected by a cybersecurity emergency declaration under paragraph (2);
    (4) shall, through the appropriate department or agency, review equipment that would be needed after a cybersecurity attack and develop a strategy for the acquisition, storage, and periodic replacement of such equipment;
    (5) shall direct the periodic mapping of Federal government and United States critical infrastructure information systems or networks, and shall develop metrics to measure the effectiveness of the mapping process;
    (6) may order the disconnection of any Federal government or United States critical infrastructure information systems or networks in the interest of national security;
    (7) shall, through the Office of Science and Technology Policy, direct an annual review of all Federal cyber technology research and development investments;
    (8) may delegate original classification authority to the appropriate Federal official for the purposes of improving the Nation’s cybersecurity posture;
    (9) shall, through the appropriate department or agency, promulgate rules for Federal professional responsibilities regarding cybersecurity, and shall provide to the Congress an annual report on Federal agency compliance with those rules;
    (10) shall withhold additional compensation, direct corrective action for Federal personnel, or terminate a Federal contract in violation of Federal rules, and shall report any such action to the Congress in an unclassified format within 48 hours after taking any such action; and
    (11) shall notify the Congress within 48 hours after providing a cyber-related certification of legality to a United States person.

    P.S. Forget about the slush fund written into the bill that allows govt officials to identify kids K-12 with potential to give scholarships to, up to $1 million with no special authority, and those students later get cushy govt jobs (gee, I wonder who will get those scholarships and those jobs?) That’s just par for the course.

  3. Thanks for these comments. I’ve seen the Yuri Bezmenov clips before, and I recommend them highly to anyone who wants to understand what is happening in our culture. Much of the the “received wisdom” that dominates thinking in the universities, in the media, in Hollywood, and in government is the result of an intellectual virus intentionally introduced by the KGB.

    The Obama administration’s attack on civil liberties, which you beautifully document, makes concerns about Bush administration policies seem trivial. (Actually, at the time, I thought they were rather trivial; now I realize that they were also insincere.)

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