Dollars to Doughnuts

Another incongruous moment: in the gym yesterday, I watched Obama take credit for the hiring of 25 new Columbus police officers, claiming it as proof that his economic plan was working—on the day that unemployment rose to 8.1% and the Dow continued its plummet. (The Dow, incidentally, is doing worse than in the Great Depression. In a fall debate before the election, I argued that Obama’s policies were those of Herbert Hoover, and that we should expect a similar result, so this doesn’t surprise me. Still…. On the economics, see Susan Lee and Michael Boskin.)

Obama’s claim is plainly idiotic. Either Obama is an idiot, therefore, or he thinks that a majority of the American people are idiots. (I admit, the fact that he was elected is some evidence in favor of that.)

These are of course not mutually exclusive. I’m increasingly convinced the Obama is an idiot. He can’t speak for even a few minutes without a teleprompter. Despite his reputation as a brilliant speaker, I have never heard him speak well. Half the faculty at my university, at least, are better speakers—some, much better speakers. He displays no talent for analysis or insight. He recites political cant without demonstrating any understanding or ability to explain a position. He seems unaware of the most elementary historical, economic, and social-scientific facts. He seems to have spent of his time in college hanging out with postmodernists in women’s studies, African-American studies, and other Marxist disciplines, which is a sure recipe for idiocy, and which no one with any degree of independent intelligence could tolerate.

“But he went to Harvard!” That didn’t stop anyone from attacking George W. Bush’s intelligence. “But he led a brilliant and successful campaign!” Really? Did he? Someone did (by following the outlines of the 1932 Hitler campaign, by the way, which I happened to be teaching back in October). But what’s the evidence that Obama did? People are now noting that he has little interest in governing. It’s all consistent with the hypothesis that he’s someone’s front man, who didn’t organize the campaign and who isn’t really governing.

Which brings us back to the question from the campaign: Who sent him?

And now, on a lighter note:

Teacher: “Define ‘incongruous.'”

Student: “Incongruous. That’s where our laws are made!”

3 thoughts on “Dollars to Doughnuts

  1. If you read DFMF, you find out that he really selected his company based on political affinity. In one passage that I found hilarious, he goes to hear a Marxist speaker at Columbia to *cheer himself up.* But, he was discouraged and disillusioned, not by the speaker, but by two Marxist chicks manning the pamphlet tables who were arguing over Leninist minutiae. Oh, if only they could rise above their petty squabbles! The Workers’ Paradise is within reach!

    The parlor game of the moment is trying to figure out just what essential character trait makes Obama so completely incompetent. You say idiocy, but I’m leaning toward abject laziness (see the comment thread on Jennifer Rubin’s post, “Better Than Focusing on her Husband”.) But I bet that gets me in dutch with Al Sharpton. Tsk.

    The real question is: will the American people find any constructive way to redress this unfolding catastrophe, or will it be too late by the time the next election rolls around? Ronald Reagan came after Jimmy Carter, but there is no similarly articulate, charismatic person on the horizon now. I wonder if Sarah Palin is up to it- she’s the only comparable.

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