Anti-Semitism on the March; Joe Fights Back

Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs have been chronicling anti-Semitic and, in many cases, neo-Nazi demonstrations and other incidents in Europe (Oslo, Copenhagen, Duisberg, and London, for example), in Canada (Toronto), and in the United States (New York, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, and Chicago). Just keep scrolling. It’s depressing reading, and the videos are nothing short of alarming. To echo Robert Spencer: Is this what we … Continue reading Anti-Semitism on the March; Joe Fights Back


Most people probably discovered this long ago, but I just found a website that allows you to morph faces. Some results are bizarre, but some are really interesting, like this combination of George W. Bush and Chairman Mao (Chairman Bush? George W. Mao?) or this one of Barack Obama and Jimi Hendrix: The aesthetics of these are better: For Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans, here’s … Continue reading MetaMorph

Texas–or New Hampshire?–for Number 1!

As the BCS Championship game is about to start: Most people are saying that Florida or Oklahoma will emerge from tonight’s game as college football’s number 1 team, though Utah has a shot if neither looks too impressive. Texas fans are cheering for Oklahoma, partly out of Big 12 loyalty, partly out of desire to have beaten the #1 team, and partly because of the … Continue reading Texas–or New Hampshire?–for Number 1!

Culture Wars

Ed Driscoll quotes Mark Steyn on what I consider President Bush’s chief failure, his inability to use the Presidency to educate the American people (HT: Instapundit): But the real FDR moment — the seismic event that a canny politician seizes as a pretext for transformative change — was surely 9/11. A few weeks after the attacks, Bush had the highest approval ratings of any president … Continue reading Culture Wars

Tax Cuts?

Peter Ferrara takes apart Obama’s claim to be offering tax cuts. No actual rates will be cut in the making of the President-elect’s plan. So, the plan won’t work: Tax cuts do not stimulate the economy by “putting money in people’s pockets” which they can then spend, as even some Republicans, including George Bush, mistakenly say. That’s an old-fashioned Keynesian strategy, and, if it worked, … Continue reading Tax Cuts?

The Porpoise-Driven Life

Lydia McGrew pokes fun at Rick Warren. For what it’s worth, I found The Purpose-Driven Life insipid, but The Purpose-Driven Church insightful. UPDATE: The Purpose-Driven Church offers a lot of valuable tips for churches, but my  admiration mostly rests on what I call Warren’s Theorem: You can’t change a church into another kind of church.  You can succeed in attracting new members, but they’re going … Continue reading The Porpoise-Driven Life

“If You’re the Police, Who Will Police the Police?”

“I dunno—Coast Guard?” That’s Homer Simpson’s answer to Lisa when he starts a vigilante group. (“Mental note: The girl knows too much.”) Victor Davis Hanson asks the same of the Democratic Congress, especially given that Nancy Pelosi is reversing the Contract with America and returning the Congress to its earlier, thoroughly Democratic but thoroughly undemocratic ways. Sadly, people have forgotten just how hostile to democracy … Continue reading “If You’re the Police, Who Will Police the Police?”