The RPM Challenge

I’m thinking of accepting this challenge (HT: Lefty):

This is The Challenge – Record an album in 28 days, just because you can. That’s 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material recorded during the month of February. Go ahead… put it to tape.

It’s a little like National Novel Writing Month, ( where writers challenge each other to write 1,700 words a day for 30 days, or the great folks over at February Album Writing Month (, who encourage artists to write 14 new songs in February. Maybe they don’t have “Grapes of Wrath” or “Abbey Road” at the end of the month, or maybe they do—but that’s not the point. The point is they get busy and stop waiting around for the muse to appear. Get the gears moving. Do something. You can’t write 1,700 words a day and not get better.

It’s good advice on any number of areas. Anybody intereted in joining me?

One thought on “The RPM Challenge

  1. If you need a somewhat competent rhythm guitarist when you record, I will be available to sit in.

    I might try penning a few ditties, except they might turn out like limericks, and vocals would be iffy.

    Right now I could compose a scathing rant on cedar pollen as it is foremost in my mind – eyes, (sizeable) forehead, nasal passages, and throat – right now.

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