Combining the insights of two friends at a meeting yesterday:

Bureaucracy is the best argument against both intelligent design and the theory of evolution.

There’s nothing intelligent about it. And it’s not the fittest but the most spineless who survive and reproduce.

2 thoughts on “Bureaucracy

  1. You’ve got a natural distribution of talents across people.
    The progressive, bureaucratic mindset is to collapse everything towards the mean, with a long tail to the right of those in actual control, and a similar one to the left containing the utterly hopeless.
    This is the fudamental inhumanity of the mindset.

  2. The spineless survive, but who thrives? Those who are most adept at consolidating power to self.

    I often wonder at the perversity of thought that makes one believe, as all liberals do, that a government bureaucracy is needed to ensure “fairness” or to govern health care or to “eliminate poverty.” Anyone who has spent a half an hour dealing with a bureaucrat realizes that first and foremost, the objective is to perpetuate the bureaucracy through the exercise of petty (and not so petty) power.

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