More Marches

Add Montreal and Florence to that list. And here’s Joe the Plumber’s video report from Israel. He’s doing an outstanding job. How many other reporters are actually on the scene of rocket hits in Sderot, interviewing the mayor of Ashkelon, etc.? Just before 13:00 he turns the tables on a German reporter and asks her a question about Hamas’s destruction of greenhouses that she refuses to answer. “It’s not about me,” she complains. “It’s not about me, either,” Joe responds.

Here’s a list of videos of demonstrations. And here’s astounding video from London of protesters chasing police for block after block, throwing sticks, stones, traffic cones, etc. Why are the police there at all, if that’s all they’ll do? (There is a scuffle in the final minute of the clip, but it’s very brief.) An interesting comment on that incident:

During the video, one cop took a swing at one of the demonstrators. I think two things are likely: first, that lots of other cops wanted to fight back, and second, that their shameful retreat had been ordered by their superiors and that the one cop who disobeyed orders will be disciplined. I wouldn’t be surprised if the English people will soon say, “Enough with this rotten multiculturalism” and reinstate traditional English patriotism. When that time comes, most of the rank-and-file police will be on their side. Then there will be a lot of scores for the London police to settle.

Who, by the way, are the people in the orange vests? March organizers? Notice that they don’t look Middle Eastern, and that the angry crowd seems to listen to them.

UPDATE: Add Calgary, too, where neo-Nazis joined in.

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