Happy New Year!

Independence Hall, Philadelphia
Independence Hall, Philadelphia

I’ve just returned from Philadelphia, where I was interviewing candidates for faculty positions with an outstanding group of colleagues. Here’s hoping that 2009 will be better than 2008, and that the values this nation’s founders affirmed in Philadelphia 233 years ago will not only survive but thrive throughout the year.

The past year witnessed a host of threats to liberty. But it also witnessed triumphs. Human intelligence, strength, creativity, and ingenuity can accomplish astounding things when people are free to exercise them. May God protect all those who would defend that freedom.

UPDATE: A colleague related this to me, a part of her priest’s New Year’s sermon: “Ask not what the new year will bring, but what you will bring to the New Year.”  It’s an excellent thought.  What the new year will bring is largely determined by what we bring to it.

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