The Democratic Party

Sorry I’ve been posting so little—life has been insanely busy. I’ve been working 7am–1am pretty much nonstop. But the Blagojevich scandal is too much to ignore. If you’ve been working too hard to pay attention, or spending all your time on planet Christmas, look here, here, here, and here for some basics. And of course there are still the scandals swirling around Christopher Dodd, Charlie Rangel, etc. All this makes Republican scandals of the past few years look podunk. And Obama’s not even President yet!

Maybe this can get people to see what my grandparents taught me. They were staunchly Republican in a largely Democratic city. Why? I was young, but I remember the answer: “There are two kinds of people: honest people and Democrats.” The Democratic party, the unions, and the mob were intertwined and committed mostly to their own advancement. Pennsylvania and New Jersey had an informal competition to see who could have the most convicted public officials. Representative Daniel Flood raised the bar by being reelected while in prison.

People need to understand: The Democratic party is essentially a criminal enterprise. Republican corruption is an aberration. Democratic corruption is not just more extensive. It’s not that we are all prone to sin, but that Democrats are more prone to sin than Republicans. (Though that’s probably true, now that I think about it.) It’s that the Democratic party’s central mission is to steal from others and distribute the proceeds to its supporters—with a large processing fee kept for itself, of course—under the guise of “social justice,” “investing for our future,” and the like. If it’s all theft anyway, what’s the difference whether the loot goes to some interest group or to oneself?

By the way, people have been making fun of the coarse language of both Mr. and Mrs. Blagojevich. They certainly talk like mobsters. I may be unusually isolated from that sort of thing; the last time I can remember a colleague using the ‘F’ word, a computer had somehow swallowed the entire bibliography for our proposal to the National Science Foundation on the day it had to be mailed. He responding by ordering an anatomical impossibility involving water fowl. That was 1986.

The story had a happy ending: We got the grant. And no aquatic animals were injured.

I don’t think Mr. Blagojevich will be so lucky.

4 thoughts on “The Democratic Party

  1. I think it might be a little too much to say that Republican corruption is only an aberration, but I definitely agree that corruption is deeply systemic among the Democrats. It has been my experience that, in private moments, they will often agree and joke about it, and muse that such is life in politics, and that at least they are doing it at the service of the little guy. I think this was Bill Clinton’s attitude exactly. No matter how many awful things he did, how many lies he told, he was still fightin’ for the little guy, and that made it all ok.

    I think what both parties need to beware of is the tendency to think that their cause is so right that they can do no wrong in the pursuit of it.

  2. Real conversation:
    “Democrats rig elections; Republicans don’t.”
    “You can’t make that generalization.”
    “Do you agree that some elections are rigged and that there is rampant cheating in some areas of the country.”
    “Like where?”
    “Oh, like a lot of big cities. Chicago for example. Cities that have ‘machine politics.'”
    “And you think that the Republicans are cheating to throw the elections to the Democrats?”

    I’ve really cleaned up, in part to respect your delicate sensibilities. See

  3. “No matter how many awful things he did, how many lies he told.” I’ll grant you that the so-called “liberal media” made Clinton out to be a monster, but how many lies did he tell ABOUT PUBLIC POLICY? I have a former Republican friend who has recordings of all kinds of public statements and swear that Clinton hardly ever deviated from the absolute truth when addressing the PUBLIC’s BUSINESS, as opposed to matters that were NOT the PUBLIC’s BUSINESS.

    And as for your equally UNTRUE claim “I definitely agree that corruption is deeply systemic among the Democrats”, read my http://JesusNoRepublican.Org and tell me that there’s anywhere near the extent of corruption in the Democratic Party as there is in the corrupt Republican Party!

    Democrats can admit to corruption because there’s relatively little of it compared to their rivals.

  4. Sorry, Reverend Ray, but I’m with TW on this one. Bill Clinton started lying to the public at large in 1992 when he described the economy as the worst in 50 years—a claim that wasn’t remotely true. (1958-59? 1973-74? 1979-80? 1987?) By the end of his Presidency, I couldn’t bear to listen to him on any issue; I couldn’t stand the blatant insincerity. He wasn’t trying to say anything true. Everything was designed to achieve a political effect, without any concern for truth or falsehood at all.

    As for corruption, don’t be ridiculous. The behavior of Blagojevich, Rangel, Dodd, et al. dwarfs the “scandals” involving Republicans over the past few years. Most of the things you cite on your blog aren’t scandals by any stretch: Politician A takes campaign contributions from group B and then votes for legislation B favors. Maybe A’s vote was affected by B’s contribution, maybe not. Maybe B contributed to A because A tends to support B’s favored policies in any event. By the standards you apply to Republicans and only Republicans, every politician is corrupt.

    Here’s a reasonably fair test. How many politicians of each party have been convicted of a crime connected to the exercise of their official duties? I’ll research the numbers, but I’m willing to wager that convicted Democrats vastly outnumber convicted Republicans.

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