Civic Illiteracy

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute has devised a quiz testing civic literacy. The average score is only 49%– though it improved to 78% online in November, perhaps because the online group is self-selected, and perhaps because elections improve awareness of civic matters for a while.

The most remarkable finding is that elected officials do worse than average, scoring only 44%!

You can take the quiz here. (I got 100%. Nana-nana-boo-boo.)

9 thoughts on “Civic Illiteracy

  1. I did not shame my family. I missed one. I blame the beer I’m drinking. Scratch that. I credit the beer I’m drinking.

    Friends don’t let friends take civics tests sober.

    Ed: it’s not quite fair to blame the relevance of the questions for your lackadaisical showing.

    Is this the same quiz they proffered recent college grads? If it is, apparently the only question nearly everyone got right was the one about Susan B. Anthony.

  2. I got the same score as Lefty, %87.88. I was fairly sure that Congress has the power to declare wars, but answered that the Pres. does because I doubted myself like a green undergrad.

  3. I got a 93 percent, and I’ve never had a civics course. But then again, I’m from Western PA., where most everyone is enormously intelligent by nature, if not by learning.

    Go Stillers!

  4. Pauly, I say this with the utmost of charity, and truly, some of my best friends are from Western PA, but that is the same locale that notoriously went for John Murtha and BO.

    Your intelligence would appear to be exceptional.

  5. B: Indeed, I wondered for a minute or two if the “most everyone” qualifier is compatible with that very re-election, but here’s what really happened on that vote. Sometimes, one has to see to it that the incompetence of one’s neighbors’ votes, is perfectly illustrated, such that they will be convinced of their more general error. A child sometimes only learns if he is permitted, as he insists on doing, to play with matches and gasoline, in the garage. Repeated warnings won’t do. So, those clever Stillers’ fans voted for the lunatick, so that everyone will see how utterly corrupt the man really is, and so that the next election cycle will sweep in Santorum-like candidates statewide.

    P.S. am selling bridge in Bridgeville, if interested.

  6. “Ed: it’s not quite fair to blame the relevance of the questions for your lackadaisical showing.”
    Really? Here is a list of non-relevant questions:
    All of the history questions [especially the Sputnik one]. The who said what questions. As for deceiving or just plain wrong questions: 30 the answer should be A: government almost always increases spending and taxation (although often through inflationary taxes.) Also, in the long run, A or D work as answers for 33.

  7. I got a lackluster 87.88 the first time [weeks ago] and a 100 the second time [today]. I’d also say Philo’s ethics test and a simple economics test would be a better gauge.

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