We have a historic choice to make today, a choice between

  • strength and weakness
  • containment and appeasement
  • freedom and suppression
  • prosperity and depression
  • low taxes and high taxes
  • honesty and mendacity
  • respect for life and contempt for life

More broadly, we have a choice between the philosophy of John Locke on which this country was built—one based on individual liberty and individual rights to life, liberty, and property—and the philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, one based on the general will and the collective good.

Meanwhile, even this early in the morning, there is already evidence of massive and widespread voter fraud. It started in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, where there are 19 registered voters—and 21 ballots cast.

UPDATE: 100,000 people in Georgia are also registered in either Ohio or Florida.  Several have already been discovered to have voted in two states.  Good grief.  This is out of hand.

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