Happy Halloween!

I have an exam to give today, but here are some quick links:

  • A brilliant video commentary on the election and the philosophies of our two political parties. (HT: Instapundit)
  • Obama could easily reveal the identities of his small donors. Why won’t he? What’s he hiding?
  • Our tax system is the most progressive in the world, already placing a larger share of the tax burden on upper-income taxpayers than any other. We may be nearing the tipping point Plato and Aristotle warned of, when the majority have an incentive to vote higher taxes to expropriate the wealth of those richer than they. That’s not justice, folks; that’s the end of democracy. Either the rich won’t put up with it, and will seize power themselves, or they will put up with it, and society, impoverished, will collapse.
  • I’ve been struck by the socialist realism of Obama’s posters and bumper stickers for months. Now, the symbolism is becoming more explicit. Minnesota Democrats declare their support with a banner containing a red star. An office door on the hall below me has a poster saying “VOTE!”—with a red fist.

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