Cracking the ACORN

Sarah Palin has demanded that Obama release his communications with ACORN, the group to which he has had close ties in the past and to which he has given $800K for voter registration work during this campaign. The group is under investigation in many states for blatant voter fraud efforts. The Obama campaign’s response: to ask for an investigation of those alleging voter fraud! These people have no shame.

I was becoming convinced that, if Obama wins, this will be our last free election for a very long time. Now I think it may already be too late. Thousands of fake registrations have been submitted in battleground states such as Ohio, Michigan, and New Mexico, and they’re already turning into fake votes.

2 thoughts on “Cracking the ACORN

  1. The idea that Republicans are trying to steal the election is ludicrous, and the facts cited in the article you mention do nothing to support it. It *is* important to purge voter rolls—people die, move, get married or divorced and change their names, etc.—and getting rid of the old information is important so that the rolls are up to date and so that people can’t vote twice. No one is thereby deprived of the right to vote. If someone has moved but hasn’t registered in their new district, they may be caught without a valid voter registration. But that’s their own fault.

    You can effectively deprive me of my right to vote by keeping me away from the polls OR by entering a fraudulent vote that cancels mine. They’re equally damaging to my rights and to democracy.

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