Two Americas

Tom Blumer points out that red states and blue states are faring quite differently. Red states continue to experience healthy economic growth, while blue states are in recession. This may be why Democrats believe the economy to be in much worse shape than Republicans do—and than the facts justify. Things are bad in New England, New York, Michigan, Illinois, and California. But they’re just fine in Texas, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina.

Here’s the irony. It’s “blue-state thinking,” as he puts it, that’s made times bad. But the people in the blue states aren’t blaming their own Democratic leaders for the high taxes, crippling regulations, and generous government spending that hold their economies back. They blame Republicans, and seek to impose on the rest of us the policies that damage their own economies. Obama’s platform of higher tax rates, increased regulation, and increased spending matches the policies in place in the blue states, and promises to do for the rest of the country what it’s done for them.

3 thoughts on “Two Americas

  1. This is a post on “reality” — a blue state concept that appears to be getting the upper hand.

    Everybody says so:—/story.aspx?guid=%7BDF9F92B9%2D5941%2D44D0%2D80E4%2DF9721C59D838%7D

    Your analysis of the red state / blue state economic divide is about fifteen years old. Red states grew during the housing bubble and they are tanking now, particularly Arizona, Florida, and New Mexico.

  2. I agree that Florida real estate is declining in value, but I don’t see that as a serious problem, since prices are merely returning to where they were in 2005, and the economic effects of it are, so far, minor. As Blumer’s numbers show, current unemployment levels are much higher in the blue states than in the red states.

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