Going Negative

The Obama campaign is bringing us a new politics in one sense—it’s bringing us a series of the most dishonest ads ever seen in American politics. It’s even going after McCain on earmarks, which is absurd:

Remarkably, Barack Obama has decided to take on John McCain on the subject of earmarks. This is somewhat like Al Capone taking on Eliot Ness on the subject of bootlegging. The McCain campaign released this response:

While Senator McCain has never requested a single earmark, Senator Obama has requested nearly a billion dollars worth during his short time in office. Though Senator Biden has been in the Senate for 36 years, he has only disclosed his earmarks for one year.Senator Obama increased his earmark requests during each of his first three years in office. Governor Palin has cut requests for earmarks for Alaska by $150 million since entering office, and she has cut those requests every single year. She has also vetoed a half billion dollars in wasteful spending at the state level.

One might ask, what makes Obama think he can get away with this nonsense, when the facts are the precise opposite of his claims? But you know the answer to that question.

The campaign has also been running dishonest ads about immigration in Spanish, trying to link McCain to Rush Limbaugh. The two disagree sharply about immigration, of course, as anyone who listens to Rush knows. The ad moreover quotes Rush’s remarks about Mexico’s immigration policy as if they were comments on our own.

Meanwhile, Obama supporters have hacked Sarah Palin’s private email account. Unbelievable.

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