An Army of Sarahs

Hugh Hewitt on Sarah Palin:

The Great Snarl that has arisen and is directed at Sarah Palin has registered at a very deep level outside of the coastal elites. I know because I talk with people in the midwest and south every day, as well as in the suburbs of Atlanta, near the Rockies, in the smaller towns of Minnesota. They love Sarah Palin, and now they are increasingly angry with the MSM and especially with Obama and his campaign operatives.

These people hear the attacks on Palin and understand them –rightly– to be attacks on themselves and their families. The dismissal they hear from studio talking heads are directed not just at Sarah Palin’s life experiences, but at theirs. The contempt American media elites feel for their viewers has never been so sharply on display.

2 thoughts on “An Army of Sarahs

  1. This to me is a prototypical case of the MSM blatantly working for the Democrats. We’ve always known it, but it’s especially transparent at this juncture.

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