Inconsistencies Abounding

The reactions on the left to Sarah Palin’s selection amaze me—and I’m not easily amazed by anything they say or do. First came the remarks that she would never have been selected if she weren’t a woman. To say that Obama wouldn’t be where he is if he were white is supposed to be racist; to say that Palin wouldn’t be where she is if she were male is apparently just fine. Affirmative action for me, but not for thee? Then came the bizarre allegations that Palin had faked her last pregnancy. Now comes an expression of “shock” that her 17-year-old daughter Bristol is pregnant. Bristol is engaged and planning to get married and have the baby. How can Palin think about running a campaign when her daughter needs her? Ann Althouse gives just the right response:

Oh, that looks like a meme. Sarah Palin must stay home with her special needs baby. Sarah Palin must stay home with her about-to-be-married, pregnant daughter. Ladies: Put your career on hold until everything in you’re family stops happening. I know, MM [Madison Man] is a man and he’s saying he’d stay home too, but would he? Would a man forgo his career to be there for a family member who is experiencing an important life transition?

Remember when John Edwards decided to go on with his campaign after his wife got a diagnosis of inoperable cancer? Now, I think Elizabeth Edwards was probably excited about the campaign and wanted to go on with it. In that light, why are you assuming that Bristol Palin isn’t excited about her mother’s campaign? Unlike Elizabeth Edwards, Bristol is not facing her last days. She’s just starting out — all caught up in life. Presumably, she’s intense and positive about her pro-life beliefs, her love for the baby’s father, her impending wedding, and the new baby on the way.

I imagine her eager to run around with the campaign, spreading the pro-life message to young people. Why should you think she would prefer to mope around the house, feeling ashamed, absorbing maternal comforting? On the campaign trail, she will be a loved and praised pro-life heroine, and she — and her mother — are likely to convert others to the pro-life side, with their glamorous and very positive image. Pro-choicers beware.

2 thoughts on “Inconsistencies Abounding

  1. I have been spending some time today reading the DailyKos commenters on the topic of Palin and whose baby it was. The conspiracy theories and pompous pseudo-scientific diagnosing of pregnancy or lack thereof from photographs posted on the web . . . well, it’s all hilarious and reaching heretofore unscaled heights of absurdity. It’s the voice of desperation.

    Interspersed throughout are lonely voices of reason saying “please, folks, let’s calm down . . . this is tabloid speculation . . . let’s focus on the important issues” but to no avail.

    The funny thing is, while I’m a fan of Palin, I’m far from convinced that Palin’s going to win the election for McCain. But the Kos kids must be more convinced than me, based on their current hysteria.

  2. My favorite Kos post: A picture of a pregnant Gov and the poster warning that unless they (the other Kos Kids) can ascertain that it was a “pregnancy suit”, they’d better tone down the rumors! On the other hand, Alan Colmes believed the pregnancy was real, but that the Governor practiced prenatal malfeasance by traveling back from Dallas to Anchorage after her water broke. (So, Alan: it’s okay to butcher a DS baby, but it’s not okay to fly in an airplane with it after your water’s broken?)

    Of course, the Fem blogs are trying to find just the right aspect of this that is objectionable to them so that middle America will see it their way. They are telling us that her daughter’s choice was the result of coercion, that abstinence education doesn’t work (but teaching kids about condoms has done wonders!), and that getting married young is a fate worse than death-really!

    For those of us who believe every child is a blessing, our only answer can be, “But this child might be President someday!” .

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