Cover-up in Chicago?

Stan Kurtz isn’t being allowed to review the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in Chicago, after initially being given permission. That’s the $50 million fund Bill Ayers ran and Barack Obama chaired. Kurtz explains the significance of this:

Libraries are designed, not to unduly restrict information, but to make it available to an interested public. This country is now mere months away from a momentous presidential election in which a central issue is the political background and character of a relatively young and unknown senator. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge records almost surely contain important information on Senator Obama’s political associations, policy views, ideological leanings, and leadership ability. His role as board chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge is the most important executive experience Obama has held to date. Given this, the public has an urgent right to know what is in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records.

Richard Fernandez, in a post that quotes Umberto Eco and whose title, “The Library of Babel,” alludes to Jorge Luis Borges, observes:

It’s an interesting story because it illustrates how much importance people put upon controlling information. If Kurtz had been represented by someone else, or if he had hired a graduate in education to study CAC as a case study in effective advocacy, he might gotten further. As it was, he probably set off every alarm bell in an unspecified outer defense shield.

So, once again a Democrat hides an important part of his record. (Remember John Kerry’s military records?) Since there’s an obvious cost to that, it suggests that the costs of releasing the records would be even higher.

2 thoughts on “Cover-up in Chicago?

  1. Yes, tactically, Howard made a huge mistake. All one has to do is play the useful idiot- I’ve done it myself (still waiting for the Oscar nod…) and the information just flows.

    Barack may be the biggest useful idiot of them all. A privileged upbringing with private schools, the Ivy League education, and he was ripe to become the tool of truly dangerous radicals and in what sphere of influence? Education. In some sort of perverse and unconscious insight, perhaps Barry realized that the education he got was wholly inadequate and wanted to do better for the great unwashed and arugula-less of Chicago.

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