How to Get Smart

There’s some evidence that thinking makes it so—not in the obvious sense that thinking makes you smarter, but in the sense that thinking you’re getting smarter actually makes you smarter. Positive thinking really does have power. I hesitate to endorse this, because I’ve known plenty of people who thought they were smarter than they really were. But I suspect there’s something to it nevertheless. Your … Continue reading How to Get Smart

Flying Imams Want Security Information

Charles Johnson reports that the “flying imams” who filed suit against US Airways are now demanding details of the airlines security procedures as part of the discovery process. Crossword Bebop: “Ok, let me get this straight. A group of imams led by a fundraiser for a Muslim charity (the Holy Land Foundation) which was shut down by the Treasury Department for its connections to Hamas, … Continue reading Flying Imams Want Security Information

“It’s a lousy night to be an atheist”

So says the ESPN announcer after Josh Hamilton—former cocaine and heroin addict who became a Christian, had a dream in which he was hitting home runs in Yankee Stadium, and cleaned up his act—smashed the previous record tonight by clubbing 28 home runs in the first round of the Home Run Derby, the last ever to be held in Yankee Stadium. Continue reading “It’s a lousy night to be an atheist”

Bipartisanship, Part I

Barack Obama has promised a new kind of politics that transcends the divisions of the past. But, until the obfuscations of the past couple of weeks, there’s not a single issue on which he has deviated from the left wing of the Democratic party. Still, conversations with friends of mine who are Democrats convince me that there is room for bipartisan cooperation on a number … Continue reading Bipartisanship, Part I


Richard Fernandez reflects on the nature of deterrence. It’s crucial, he observes, to create uncertainty in the mind of the enemy. The key concept embodied in the Essentials of Post-Cold War Deterrence is the idea that it rests on an American commitment to inflict an unspecified but devastating response upon any nation or group that attacks it. In order to prevent any adversary from legalistically … Continue reading Deterrence

If You’re Going to Rattle Your Sabre…

…you ought to make sure it’s in working order. Iran tested missiles that can reach Israel, releasing a photograph of a successful launch. Oops! Only three of the missiles actually fired. That doesn’t make for a very impressive front-page photograph! So, what to do? Photoshop to the rescue! Kudos to Charles Johnson for figuring it out. Continue reading If You’re Going to Rattle Your Sabre…