“Dangerous Fantasy”?

I noticed this a while ago but didn’t write anything about it because, like Ed Morrissey, I didn’t understand what on earth he was talking about. Here’s what Obama said in a July 2 speech:

We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

Paul Mirengoff thinks he does understand, and that it’s deeply disturbing:

Hugh Hewitt views this as Obama’s latest “pratfall” and a sign of his inexperience. Ed Morrissey finds Obama’s meaning to be unclear and calls for an explanation. Both, I think, underestimate the sinister quality of Obama’s comment, the meaning of which seems clear enough.

I’m not suggesting that Obama would actually try to establish a domestic security force as powerful as our current military, only that deep-down it appears he would like to do something of the kind. That impulse seems like a threat to our freedom regardless of whether Obama attempts to hatch the full-blown object of his fantasy.

I still don’t understand. The idea is absurd: Where is an extra $500 billion supposed to come from? The real question, however, is what this domestic security force is supposed to do. Is he talking about Homeland Security? It’s unclear. Obama compares this force to Teach for America; maybe they’re supposed to do things Obama wants government to do: go into inner city schools and teach, fix bridges, clean up parks, work at social service agencies, etc. But then why call them a “security force”? Is he proposing a massive group of “Obama youth” who will do the leader’s bidding? Recall the purpose of the Hitler Jugend: “to prepare its members to serve faithfully the cause and the needs of … Socialism.” Let’s hope that’s not even a fantasy. Quite a few thinkers on the left, of course, have proposed national compulsory service, to have an army of conscripts to do their bidding. Perhaps that’s what he has in mind?

UPDATE: Mirengoff adds “Obama’s Dangerous Fantasy, Part 2,” in which he provides a video of Obama advocating disarmament. So, maybe it isn’t that Obama wants a large domestic security force; maybe it’s that he wants a small military!

FURTHER UPDATE: Here‘s the poster!

2 thoughts on ““Dangerous Fantasy”?

  1. No one asks any questions when Obama speaks. If a Republican had even alluded to anything like this idea the media would be blowing a gasket.

    OTOH, I am fairly sure Obama doesn’t really know what he meant by that either. You are NOT supposed to attach actual meanings to the words and sentences he utters.

  2. TW, I think you’re right. This stuff is designed to sound good to a particular audience. I doubt that much if any thought lies behind it.

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