Obama, Peacemaker?

John Bolton reflects my thinking exactly. Israel will attack Iran if Obama wins, between November and January 20. They believe—correctly, in my view—that Obama will tilt U.S. policy heavily against Israel and refuse to cooperate in any such attack. If McCain wins, they may attack, or may wait to work with McCain.

…former US Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, said he believes Israel will stage a raid against Iran’s nuclear facilities if Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama wins the upcoming US presidential elections.

Bolton said the IAF would likely strike in the interim term between election day (November 4th) and the inauguration (January 20th 2009) – while George W. Bush is still in office.

“I don’t think they will do anything before our election because they don’t want to affect it. And they’d have to make a judgment whether to go during the remainder of President Bush’s term in office or wait for his successor.”

One thought on “Obama, Peacemaker?

  1. humph. If Israel doesn’t want to effect our elections, I think they may be the only country that doesn’t.

    Why does it seem that both McCain and Obama feel it necessary to “campaign” outside the borders of the U.S.?

    A trip to Iraq, I can understand. But not to other countries.

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