In Memoriam: Caramel

Caramel was born on March 13, along with four brothers and sisters. He seemed to thrive, growing well and playing with the other kittens. He had the most remarkable blue eyes I’ve ever seen. He also had a sweet, gentle personality. My daughter made him a necklace to match his eyes so that we could tell him apart from his brothers more easily.

A week ago we took all five kittens to the vet for a second set of shots. Caramel weighed only one pound, less than half the next smallest kitten. Clearly, something was going wrong. Diagnosed with giardiasis, he started on medication. Soon thereafter, he stopped eating. We switched his medication and force-fed him cream and some high-calorie food. It seemed to help; he got more active, and was last seen during the night with his brothers and sisters playing with a piece of straw.

Today, however, we couldn’t find him. I came home early and searched for him for hours. Finally, I glimpsed a bit of fluff under a work table in the kitchen. It was Caramel. He was gone.

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