European Violence and Gun Control

For some time now, rates of violent crime in Europe have been far higher than in the United States. Now, increasingly, it has a racist and religious edge to it, as gangs of North Africans and Turks attack native Europeans. Links to Muslim immigration are obvious, though information suggesting as much is officially suppressed. What strikes me, but Europeans rarely remark upon, is the role of gun control. Europeans cannot protect themselves the way Americans would in similar circumstances. Even the police use rubber bullets, allowing criminal rampages to take place without consequences for the criminals. Gun control opponents in the United States have often argued, “If having a gun becomes a crime, only criminals will have guns.” The European experience suggests taking it one step further. If you keep guns out of the hands of criminals as well as the law-abiding public, all the criminals have to do is arm themselves with knives, rocks, or a board with a nail in it (thank you, Simpsons!) and attack in groups.

3 thoughts on “European Violence and Gun Control

  1. we should be as civilized as the europeans. in japan, they have reported a couple of recent attacks in crowds by knife-wielding crazy men, but their attacks killed only a handful. think what they could have done with a gun. straightrecord’s blog here has several pieces on the gun-control issue, centering on an about-to-be issued supreme court opinion you might be interested in, or check out

  2. Have you noticed what has happened to the crime rate in Europe? The Crime rate in Europe has gone sky rocketing ever since the banned guns. Europe’s crime rate is way higher than that of the U.S.A., (And guns are not banned there). Don’t you see? not only can people not deffened them selves but the European government can not stop the criminals from getting guns nor can they take them away. Ever heard of the black market? Thats where thier getting thier guns, that an thier buddies that are from another country give the guns to them. The gun control in Europe is stupid and irresponsible on the governments part.

    God bless the U.S.A

  3. Virginia Tech is yet another reason why we dont need gun control in America. Now you here that and you think “O my gosh, how could you say such a thing?!” But think about it for a minute. Would that Asian freak have even thought about firing upon a class where he knew everyone in there was packing? Probably not. If you are going to band guns because they are being used for the wrong reason, then you might as well ban cars as well. Also, if someone wants to shoot and kill someone in a place where there is gun control, he is probably not going to think, “Man, i want to shoot that guy! Oh, wait, dadgonit! Guns are illegal. Oh well i guess i cant kill that guy.” Look, i know this seems like a silly analogy but if a guy is soul-intent on killing somebody they probably ain’t going to worry too much about doing it leagally or not. Just think about this, we need to defend ourselves and if you want my guns Obama, then to quote the great, late Charlton Hesston, “From my cold dead hands!”

    Git-R-Done and God bless America

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