The Unthinkable

Wretchard thinks the unthinkable, asking what we do if there is a WMD terrorist attack against the United States or, for that matter, another country. As I’ve argued before, I think it’s a lot easier to answer this question if there’s only one likely source of the nuclear or other material used in the attack.

One thought on “The Unthinkable

  1. Unfortunately the “unthinkable” is as archaic a term as the “unsinkable” since the Titanic tanked – with the vivid films of atomic fallout victims from the 40’s. Definitely a reminder of what could happen if such rogue entities get their hands on such capabilities. No one can say for sure what cataclysmic event will prove the demise of millions or more even – though many predict a firestorm of biblical proportions since that and floods are such historical recollections that bring fear and terror since the dawn of Man, even though subtler wipeouts by plagues and famine have been more common.

    Much food for thought in the below blog title How We Got To Here … with this excerpt: “Christians sometimes think they’ve got an edge that allows them more right to look ahead. We have been given the last few pages of the book, and easily convince ourselves that we have a pretty shrewd guess what’s going to happen next (wink, wink).” //

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