Texas’s Best Barbeque

Texas Monthly lists the top fifty barbeque places in Texas. The top five are all within an hour’s drive of my house. I went to this one last night. Yum! And they don’t even list this one, but this one gets an honorable mention.

UPDATE: My daughter brought home some wonderful brisket and ribs from Luling last Saturday.  It’s been a week of almost uninterrupted barbeque.

One thought on “Texas’s Best Barbeque

  1. Sir,
    I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read on your site so far, and already have you blogrolled. (Hope you can reciprocate.)

    However, as a Mississippian, I have to part company with you on the subject of Barbeque.

    In Texas, THEY ACTUALLY BARBEQUE COWS. And what’s more, they even eat the stuff ! ! !

    When I first moved to Fort Worth, I couldn’t believe it. Anything but pork barbeque is an abomination, and a stench in the nostrils of the righteous.

    Ranking the top 50 Texas Barbeque joints is like ranking the top 50 Mississippi ski slopes. There’s no point in it.

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