Thursday v. Friday at the Improv

Jake Tapper finds another gaffe by Obama—this one of more significance, suggesting once again that his ideas about foreign affairs are pretty much improvised: More recently, Obama as he traveled through Florida seemed to give some contradictory statements about Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and the Colombian terrorist group FARC. On Thursday Obama told the Orlando Sentinel that he would meet with Chavez and “one of … Continue reading Thursday v. Friday at the Improv

The Gathering Storm

Barry Rubin writes of the fall of Lebanon, the threat Iran poses to the United States, and Obama’s evident lack of preparation to meet it. (HT: Power Line) I appreciate his comparison of the fall of Lebanon, in which we and other Western powers have acquiesced, to the fall of Czechoslovakia. As Churchill said, “we have sustained a total and unmitigated defeat.” Rubin puts his … Continue reading The Gathering Storm

What Could They Possibly Have in Common?

Senator Joseph Biden criticizes the Bush administration’s response to 9/11: Messrs. Bush and McCain lump together, as a single threat, extremist groups and states more at odds with each other than with us: Sunnis and Shiites, Persians and Arabs, Iraq and Iran, al Qaeda and Shiite militias. If they can’t identify the enemy or describe the war we’re fighting, it’s difficult to see how we … Continue reading What Could They Possibly Have in Common?

“Something about this guy is not right.”

Rush Limbaugh, today, says more explicitly what I’ve said about Obama for some time: Something about this guy is not right. There’s something about this that doesn’t jibe. This guy, two years ago in the United States Senate barely could find the men’s room. He was still preoccupied with trying to figure out how to ingratiate himself with the Chicago machine politics. He didn’t do … Continue reading “Something about this guy is not right.”

“Highly Educated”

The Diplomad cautions us about talk of “highly educated” voters—who are often astoundingly ignorant. He recalls interviewing candidates for internships at the State Department and asking them questions about World War II. Only one got them all right. (They’re not hard: “Who was Mussolini?” for example.) The amazing part is, none of the other fourteen got even one question right. The Diplomad concludes: Every time … Continue reading “Highly Educated”

McCain Strikes Back

Michelle Malkin finds evidence that Barack Obama is a gaffe machine, and John McCain responds forcefully to Obama’s charge that he’s too chicken to meet with the Iranian President. The question before the American people is which candidate is best able to secure the peace for the next generation of Americans, a peace that will keep our nation safe, prosperous and free. Senator Obama’s desire … Continue reading McCain Strikes Back

The Democrats’ Left Turn

Senator Joseph Lieberman details the Democrats’ sharp turn to the left over the past eight years, arguing that John McCain, not Barack Obama, is the heir to the foreign policies of Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy. This was the Democratic Party that I grew up in – a party that was unhesitatingly and proudly pro-American, a party that was unafraid to make moral judgments about the … Continue reading The Democrats’ Left Turn