Socialist Bumper Stickers

I see I’m not the only one creeped out by some Obama signs and bumper stickers. I hadn’t made the Che connection, but the poster style screams New Left socialist realism.

That reminds me: Have I mentioned the trilingual pun I heard back in tenth grade?

The New Left is both sinister and gauche.

I heard it from Richard Lodge, who meant it simply as a joke. I think it’s right on target.

One thought on “Socialist Bumper Stickers

  1. thanks – very intersting indeed, of possible connections in imagery, symbology, meanings. And in surfing her site a bit I came upon this:
    which she cites here:
    I’m not one to normally care about reading into art that much, given that its as much about what the viewer wishes to find significant in it – as it is any statement of intent/belief … and there’s no way of proving its purpose anyway. But I did find it interesting to see how the entire picture of something can reveal a lot more of its probabilities than only part of it would (in this case I usually looked at the two mermaid-type tails as merely artistic background – but now it shows that she indeed has two tails, regardless of how that religious group chooses to see its meaning to them).
    Thanks again, Tom

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