Feline Friday: Jewel

JewelBack in February, I wrote about Jackie, who was born in our house in 1995 after a graduate student found a pregnant stray cat at her apartment complex. This is her sister Jewel. Always a bit of a recluse, Jewel suffered some sort of trauma while we were on vacation a few years ago and our housesitter abandoned his duties and left town. We returned to find her hissing and spitting at anything that moved. We have no idea what happened. Extraordinarily suspicious of almost all other cats, she now stays in her own room, the library, where she has an occasional feline visitor but otherwise has the place to herself. She’s friendly to people she knows. But being in her own room means she gets less attention than she’d like.

UPDATE: Yes, those are books from “The Cat Who….” series behind her.

2 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Jewel

  1. Cats’ memories of trauma is truly fascinating – revealing their tremendous emphasis on self-preservation, and defying the nine-lives reckless attribution. Whereas our human memory banks seem to retain positive recollections instead – making us more prone to repeating mistakes we’ve made before. I’ve found with such cats that become reclusive, that if you start to be in their sanctuary more often – but not giving them any extra attention – they slowly start to come back out of their shell, treating that room as just an extention of the entire domain. Just a thought, cheers.

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