Immigration and Poverty

Mark Steyn comments on a simple but rarely made point:

When advanced economies admit ever larger numbers of unskilled workers (plus a chain of relatives through “family reunification”), they are importing poverty.

Those who worry about the modesty of gains in median household or per capita income over the past forty years rarely recognize that, given high immigration rates, it’s remarkable that median income has risen at all.

One thought on “Immigration and Poverty

  1. Does poverty lead to violence? We recently wrote an article on a similar issue at Brain Blogger trying to isolate root causes of domestic violence.

    Consider how poor, cognitive difficulties (that can be caused by the higher levels of contaminants and drug exposure in poorer communities) and violent enculturation (that occurs in communities that are without good economies and educational resources for extended periods of time, and that have substantial numbers of people who have been in prison) contribute to domestic violence and other violent and criminal behavior.

    I would like to read your comments on our article at our site. Thank you.


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