Mankiw on Textbooks

The New York Times complains about the high cost of textbooks, and says that something ought to be done about it. Greg Mankiw points out that, if textbook prices really were unreasonably high, textbooks would represent an excellent business opportunity, and the Times should go into the business and undercut the current publishers, something they would actually be well-placed to do. But, of course, they … Continue reading Mankiw on Textbooks

Getting Dirty?

The North Carolina Republican Party is showing an ad that John McCain and an array of Democrats have denounced. Why? It attacks two Democratic candidates for having endorsed Barack Obama, who, the ad says, is too extreme for North Carolina, having had Rev. Wright as a spiritual mentor for twenty years. It’s remarkable that anyone thinks this is dirty politics. Rev. Wright and his extreme … Continue reading Getting Dirty?

The North Korean Connection

Today the administration briefs Congress on the Israeli raid on Syria, confirming what almost everyone has guessed: that this was an attack on a nuclear reactor capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium.  Evidently the Israelis videotaped inside the facility (nice intelligence work!) and confirmed the presence of North Koreans, helping to construct a reactor of the same design as the one at Yongbyon. The surprising part … Continue reading The North Korean Connection

Another Ice Age?

Phil Chapman presents evidence that we’re headed for global cooling—something that’s already happened over the past year—with a nontrivial possibility of another ice age. As he observes, significant cooling could be catastrophic.  I’ve wondered why the global warming crowd is so convinced (a) that global warming is occurring now and will continue, (b) that human activity is its chief cause, and (c) that global warming … Continue reading Another Ice Age?

Hillary Wins Pennsylvania 55%-45%

Hillary has her double-digit lead, keeping her campaign alive. John Hinderaker reports on Obama’s friends. Stan Kurtz investigates the “Audacity of Hope” sermon that inspired Obama. Peter Wehner reflects on the reactions to the last Democratic debate: Consider this thought experiment: Assume that a conservative candidate for the GOP nomination spent two decades at a church whose senior pastor was a white supremacist who uttered … Continue reading Hillary Wins Pennsylvania 55%-45%

Obama on Taxes

Roger Simon points out Obama’s confusion and evasiveness on the subject of taxes. There’s no mystery about why cutting the capital gains tax raises more revenue and why, correspondingly, raising the tax would bring in less revenue—both of which effects are well-confirmed empirically. Cutting capital gains taxes raises the after-tax value of stocks. Stocks therefore rise, producing more capital gains. Realizing capital gains is usually … Continue reading Obama on Taxes