Middle East Muddles

Shrinkwrapped reviews evidence of an impending Middle East war, but finds reasons for optimism. Caroline Glick doesn’t. I share her bafflement at the Bush administration’s failure to articulate what is really going on, and what has been going on for the past five years:

WHAT IS most striking about the Bush administration’s unwillingness to reveal the nature of the Israeli raid to Congress is how it seems to upset the administration’s own war efforts in Iraq. Working together, under Iranian control, for the past five years Syria and Iran have been the major forces behind the war in Iraq. Jihadists of both the Sunni and Shiite variety enter Iraq from Syria and Iran. They receive training in both countries. They receive direction and orders from Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

And yet, rather than make clear to Congress and to the US public that the war in Iraq is not an Iraqi war per se but a key battleground in a regional war in which Iran and Syria have combined forces on multiple fronts in a bid to defeat the US and its allies, the Bush administration obfuscates that central truth. For the past five years, key administration officials have repeated the bizarre claim that Iran and Syria share the US’s interest in bringing stability to Iraq and that responsibility for ending the war rests solely on the shoulders of Iraq’s government rather than on the shoulders of the foreign governments who are waging the war.

I had expected regime change in Syria and Iran to top the administration’s list of priorities once Saddam Hussein was toppled. Bizarrely, they seem to have dropped off the list altogether. I say ‘seemed’, because I hope that things are taking place behind the scenes of which I am unaware. Right now, however, it appears that the administration is unwilling to face what is taking place—partly because the consequence of facing it is that we have not done too much in the Middle East; we have done too little.

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