You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Driving While Polygamous: A British judge accepts a defendant’s plea that revoking his driving license because of a speeding ticket would seriously disadvantage him, because he needs it to drive between his two wives. One lives in Motherwell, the other in Glasgow, about 15 miles away.

3 thoughts on “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

  1. NASCAR drivers are treated with leniency because making all lanes their left lane is second nature (and presumably they’re far safer because of their naturally superior refexes and hours of practise in anticipating others and their machines limits). This Scottsman’s studly status has yielded him an extra dependent – so the most he should expect is a tax benefit of sorts. Of course no one can blame him for trying to stretch his logic for leniency – but it’s no different than if I were to demand more pay from my employer because I need it, rather than because of value-added assessments. His losing his license may be a double-cost in wives’ contentment (and therefore his own), but he’d best explain how the social cost of this result outweighs the social benefit of his not being on the road. But of course the sentimentalism of this outcome’s ‘creating’ three victims may be all that’s necessary to win the day.

  2. Well, except that polygamy is still illegal in Britain. It’s more closely analogous to someone arguing that losing their license would disadvantage them because they would find it difficult to meet their drug dealer.

  3. I was assuming the polygamy as evidently accepted, but you’re right – that makes for a better analogy. Thanks.

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