Bumper Stickers

Dr. Helen notes a difference between bumper stickers for Obama and McCain:

I looked up both of the official websites of the two candidates and got a kick out of the differences in the bumper stickers and logos. Here are McCain’s bumper stickers— note that they are plain although there is one that says “Veterans for McCain.” Obama’s bumper stickers, in contrast, run the gamut from “African Americans for Obama,” to “Latinos for Obama” to “Women for Obama” all the way to “Asian Americans/ Pacific Islanders” for Obama.” I have to hand it to him, he does include “Republicans for Obama,” but why break everyone up into every group imaginable? Good grief. I thought Obama was supposed to be the candidate that brought us all together, in spite of race. It seems to me that even his bumper stickers emphasize the differences between us–rather than just being Americans, suddenly, we’re divided into whatever group we belong to. Is that really the message he wants to send?

I take it the answer is “yes.”

Hillary Clinton’s bumper stickers, incidentally, just say ‘Hillary for President’; she resists group politics—yet another reason why I prefer her to Obama.

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