The Day the Music Companies Died

Charlie Martin writes an obituary, perhaps not too far in advance, for the record companies:

There is a new business model coming, one that will be built around the musicians and their works; promoting them, getting them visibility, letting people know about them. It will be good for musicians themselves, and not just the big name acts: with a potential audience of billions of people, very small acts with a tiny tiny percentage of the potential audience will still make the artists more money then they could have made in day jobs.

One thought on “The Day the Music Companies Died

  1. I am not so sure Loudon Wainwright III would approve. His song “Something For Nothing” is a stick in the eye of file sharing, explaining …

    And those moguls run labels, and you call ’em all crooks,
    ‘Cos they crunch the numbers and they cook the books.
    But I signed that contract, and I got my hand shook,
    Shaking hands with the devil, it’s not as bad as it looks.

    Entire song is a treat.

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