Hillary Under Fire

Exaggeration is one thing, but confusing hugs with sniper fire? I love the euphemism “misspoke,” incidentally, as if this was some sort of malapropism.

Still, I think many people are tempted to embellish the truth from time to time, to project an image more positive, more interesting, and more dramatic to their listeners than the facts warrant. It must be an occupational hazard of politicians, who not only face that temptation every day in the course of their constant self-promotion but also face potential refutation in the form of videotape they had long since forgotten.

One thought on “Hillary Under Fire

  1. I thought her response to the exposure was more remarkable than the original fabrication.

    “So I made a mistake,” she said. “That happens. It proves I’m human, which you know, for some people, is a revelation.”

    I don’t quite get her response. 0. “So I made a mistake.” is an effort to diminish the significance of her “mistake.” But the original point of the story was her effort to prove she has foreign policy experience. If she misrepresented the justification, it’s a big deal, since she undercuts her claim: “I have lots of foreign policy experience.” 1. It was not a mistake; it was a lie. There’s a moral distinction there. Obscuring that distinction, or refusing to recognize it, is a moral failure. 2. “It proves I’m human.” What to make of that? Does she really think that lots of people think she’s super-human? What is her self-understanding, vis a vis others’ views? 3. “It proves I’m human” is a kind of swipe/criticism at others–“You are to be faulted for mis-understanding who I am”–and so, it subtly obscures the real issue: she lied.

    Her response seems like a bigger deal to me, than the original fabrication.


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