Guilty Pleasures

Eliot Spitzer, who turned prosecutorial ruthlessness into fame and the Governorship of New York, won’t have that job much longer. He paid a call girl in Washington DC $4,300 (!), betraying not only his wife and family but the people of New York and his own reputation for uncompromising insistence on moral absolutes.

I never cease to be amazed, in sex scandals such as this, at the inevitable appearance at the press conference of the betrayed wife–in this case, the almost impossibly beautiful Silda Wall Spitzer–loyally supporting her husband. Her beauty, grace, and nobility only emphasizes the depth and incomprehensibility of her husband’s betrayal.

Spitzer’s fall prompted some remarkable reactions among those he hounded, often unfairly, as prosecutor. Ken Langone:

He actually believes he’s above the law. I have never had any doubt about his lack of character and integrity–and he’s proven me correct.

His fellow politicians are no less forthright. Peter King:

This is not a victimless crime. I’ve never known anyone who was more self-righteous and unforgiving than Eliot Spitzer.

Arthur Silber is more direct:

Given Spitzer’s unfathomable stupidity — and in light of the fact that he is now the victim of the kinds of overreaching police state tactics that he himself has endlessly championed and utilized — this can only be regarded as an instance of an especially objectionable, arrogant, overweening, power-mad, vicious son of a bitch himself getting exactly what he has been delightedly happy to dish out to others.

The Wall Street Journal summarizes:

The stupendously deluded belief that the sitting Governor of New York could purchase the services of prostitutes was merely the last act of a man unable to admit either the existence of, or need for, limits. At the least, he put himself at risk of blackmail, and in turn the possible distortion of his public duties.

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