Not *That* Kind of Change!

Moammar Qaddafi speaks about the American election, and the Democrats’ call for change:

“They all keep saying ‘change, change,’ ” he continued, adding Hillary Clinton to his reference. “They want to change America and its current political system. They want to make a change in their lives. They say their system is a failure, that their government is a failure, and that their elections are a failure.”

Of course, he’s exactly right about that. But don’t question their patriotism!

What kind of change do Obama and Clinton have in mind? Qaddafi is no more certain than the rest of us, but he does have a suggestion:

Qaddafi offered up Libya as a model for “change,” predicting that “the whole world will return to the model of the republic of the masses, to communes, to popular security, to popular defense, to popular capitalism, and to popular socialism.

“The whole world will return to the Libyan model,” he said.

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