War by Other Means

David Warren: My rule of thumb, on wars, is to fight them with your enemies, when absolutely necessary; but never with your friends, and in particular, never in order to create new enemies. It is worth thinking carefully about the Clinton-Bush policy in the Balkans, which so far has led to the alienation of Russia, the creation of Islamic states in Europe, and the encouragement … Continue reading War by Other Means

University Endowments

Gary Becker and Richard Posner discuss the use of university endowments, and, in particular, the question whether universities should be required to spend a certain proportion of their endowments each year. Posner especially interests me when he writes, Given the competitive structure of higher education, it is hard to see why government should step in and try to limit tuition. The universities have a competitive … Continue reading University Endowments


Paul Mirengoff: Nor does Obama’s magic end at our borders. Last night, he said he would solve our immigration problem in part by improving the economy of Mexico to the point that illegal immigrants will have no need or desire to enter the paradise Obama will create here. Most magically of all, Obama will fix Mexico’s economy even while refusing to trade with Mexico unless … Continue reading Obamagic

Reactions to Kosovo’s Independence

A variety of reactions here. Some highlights: Julia Gorin: …yesterday’s 200,000-person protest in Belgrade (whose members are separate from the fire starters) is the first time in two decades that Serbs are showing a glimmer of rational behavior – amid 20 years of the “free world” foisting terrorist neighbors upon them. Paul Williams: America’s war on terror has come full circle. By pledging his support … Continue reading Reactions to Kosovo’s Independence

Iranian Bombs

The European Commission Joint Research Centre has run simulations indicating that Iran may have enough fissile material to construct an atomic bomb by year end. This contrasts sharply with the vaunted National Intelligence Estimate, which concluded that Iran was unlikely to have enough nuclear material until sometime between 2010 and 2015. Continue reading Iranian Bombs

Anti-Serbian Bigotry

Anti-Serbian hate speech from Stephen Schwartz. I defend his right to say it, as well as my right to denounce it as an exemplar of vile bigotry. Consider: Serbs …. revel in their bravery when it comes to murdering children and old people…. Serbs do not change. Serbs hate Muslims because Muslims wash before praying. Serbs are unafraid of dirt…. “Serbian statesmanship” – rioting, arson, … Continue reading Anti-Serbian Bigotry