Milton Friedman Vindicated, Again

Milton Friedman remarked that it’s “just obvious” that one cannot have open borders and a welfare state. To show why, consider this British family, the parents of which immigrated from Pakistan:

UNEMPLOYED scrounger Mohammed Salim is getting the state to pay for him, his wife and their ELEVEN kids—because he can’t be bothered to go to work. He quit his £27,000 [$52,968] job teaching maths and science three years ago and is BETTER OFF claiming £29,096 [$57,080] a year in benefits.

And he has much more time to devote to his Islamic political party— which ATTACKS the British government, even though this country gives his family their food, clothes and house for free.

A neighbor observes,

“Why on earth is the state subsidising him to sit at home doing nothing when he could be teaching kids, paying taxes and contributing to society.

“There is something very wrong with a society that allows this to happen. The benefits system needs changing.”


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