Kosovo Independence

Joshua Trevino describes the impending Kosovo declaration of independence.

In the two-and-a-half months of war in 1999, Serbian authorities did terrible things to Kosovar Albanians. The war precipitated the very crisis that the West imagined, but had not actually come to pass: the “ethnic cleansing,” via mass expulsions, of Kosovo of its Muslims. But in the nine years since, Kosovar Albanians have done terrible things to their Serb neighbors — and it is no exaggeration to state that a Serb in post-1999 Kosovo is worse off than an Albanian in pre-1999 Kosovo. To our shame, this situation is a direct result of our intervention — and has evolved under our watch.

The KLA and its associates in Kosovar politics, in radicalizing the situation to provoke the 1999 war, thereby made it impossible to return to a situation of peaceful coexistence. Whereas the intervening West envisioned — if they envisioned anything at all — a tolerant, multiethnic Kosovo along the lines of what was sought on Bosnia, Kosovar Albanians envisioned their own ethnic cleansing, of Serbs from Kosovo. What the NATO allies waded into was not a rescue of a wronged party as such, but a party determined to wreak precisely the evils upon its foe that its foe perpetrated upon it. Under NATO occupation and UN administration, this goal is met with appalling thoroughness.

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