Why Republicans are Happier

The Washington Post reports:

Most studies show that wealthy people are marginally happier than poor ones. People with pets or children are no happier than those without. People with active sex lives are — surprise! — happier than those without. No single morsel of happiness data, though, is more intriguing than this: Republicans are happier than Democrats.

A 2006 Pew Research poll found that 45 percent of Republicans describe themselves as “very happy,” compared with only 30 percent of Democrats (and 29 percent of independents). This is a sizable gap and a remarkably consistent one, too. Republicans have been happier than Democrats every year since the General Social Survey, conducted biannually by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, began asking about happiness in 1972.

Why are Republicans happier? The Post considers several hypotheses: (1) Wealth: Maybe Republicans are richer. But the effect is robust even controlling for wealth. (2) Power: Republicans have been winning the Presidency. But Republicans are happier even when Democrats are in the White House. (3) Religion: Republicans are more likely to go to church, and church-going correlates strongly with happiness. So, this explains some, but only some, of the effect. (4) Marriage: Republicans are more likely to be married, and marriage correlates strongly with happiness. Again, this explains some but not all of the difference. (5) Ignorance: Maybe Republicans know less, and ignorance is bliss. I don’t know the data, but, in my experience, among PhDs, Republicans are far happier on average than Democrats. So, I conjecture that the difference will remain after controlling for education.

I’ll propose another explanation: I think it’s likely that happy people are more likely to be Republicans, while unhappy people are more likely to be Democrats, for unhappiness gives one an incentive to seek change, and happiness an incentive to resist it. But the causal link goes in the other direction as well, for Republicans stress freedom and individual responsibility, which lead people to feel in control and take action that changes their lives for the better, while Democrats assign blame to institutions, which makes people feel powerless and discourages them from undertaking ameliorative courses of action.

Perhaps the most intriguing point has little to do with explaining Republicans’ greater happiness but much to do with the pointlessness of Democratic policies from a utilitarian perspective:

Once in power, Democrats tend to focus on issues that, according to the science of happiness, have little effect on our contentment — income equality, for instance, and racial diversity. Neither is linked to greater happiness. Countries with large disparities between rich and poor are no less happy than more egalitarian ones, studies have found. And the happiest countries in the world tend to be homogeneous ones, such as Denmark and Iceland, not the ethnic melting pots that liberals celebrate.

63 thoughts on “Why Republicans are Happier

  1. This is a very interesting post. I think I remember readin somthing similar to this a couple of years ago, when a similar survey was released. I definately tend to agree with your conclusions.

  2. An economical explanation is that what drives all three — (a) being a Republican, (b) actively taking steps that tend to increase happiness and/or well-being (such as marriage commitment and active participation in organized religion), and (c) being happy conditional on well-being — is “locus of control”, which is innate temperament.

    – A Happy Republican

  3. Hippies are just sad that the ’60s are over, man, and that the whole drug-and-free-love culture fell apart disastrously, and that the Berlin Wall came down, and that their children are rebelling against them and becoming Republicans because, after all, they themselves are now “the man.”

    Which of course makes Republicans happy.

  4. My observation is that those who feel they are owed something, that they have been cheated somehow in life’s lottery, find resonance in the Democratic class warfare rhetoric, and so by self-selection, you end up with a party full of unhappy, resentful people. Whatever’s left (those who don’t want to be unhappy resentful people) ends up Republican. It almost can’t help but be a more happy place, when UNhappiness is the Democratic party’s only product.

  5. My theory: Liberals/Democrats compare the U.S. to Utopia. So the U.S. and “being American” never quite measures up.

    Conservatives/Republicans measure the U.S. against past great nations (Egypt, Greece, Rome, et al.) and current world powers (China, England, the E.U., India, et al.)

    Compared against historical and current counterparts, NOTHING beats the U.S. and “being American!”

  6. I have hypothesized for years that happiness is directly related to not being envious and greedy — regardless of economic standing. As such, I find this posting totally in line: Republicans are not as concerned with trying to take from others, simply because those others may have more. Otherput: Dems are more likely to be greedy and envious, which they often mischaracterize as egalitarianism or altruism.

  7. I would say unhappy people have problems they want the government to help with — so they vote Dem.

    If you’re happy, you probably want litte from the government except to leave you alone, so you vote Repub.

    Also, the ignorance thing really cuts more against the unhappy than the happy: the more you know, the happier you should be. We live in a Platinum Age of unprecedented security and prosperity.


  8. Republicans don’t resist change. Most would prefer change to a society that gives them more freedom and personal responsibility not less. What creates happiness? A sense of personal progress and meaning in our lives. What creates a sense of unhappiness? A sense of helplessness, fear, and purposelessness. Which direction does a larger and more powerful government take us?

    I am currently visiting Hawaii, where they outlawed smoking in bars and restaurants several years ago. Now the government is talking about allowing smoking, but making the establishments pay for a license to allow it. I am an an ex-smoker and actively try to influence family members to quite, but happiness from quitting is decreased if you feel your were forced into it, especially by the government. This is the recipe for unhappiness: take away choices, pressure people to beahve, and then charge people to get get back their choices.

  9. As I recall from psychology class, happiness correlates well with independence, unhappiness with dependence (from a study of nursing home residents–among the test subjects, those who had their needs taken care of tended to be more cranky and dissatisfied than those who were expected to look after themselves). Which backs up Nancy’s points)

    (5) Ignorance: Maybe Republicans know less, and ignorance is bliss.

    Last study I saw showed that Republicans on average are slightly better educated than Democrats.

  10. What’s one of the left’s credos? If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention? They believe that if they’re not happy, it’s “the system’s” fault, not theirs. So, if they have to rely on strangers in a bureaucracy for happiness, do they really have any realistic hope on being happy?

  11. How can one simultaneously believe both points 1) and 5), that Republicans earn more but also know less? If anything, they know more. Just go to National Review vs. The Nation or DailyKos. The intellectual level of articles on the conservative side is simply more.

  12. I believe that a person’s deep subconcious attitudes often have a large influence on the political ideology that they gravitate towards. People who have a personal history that has left them with unresolved feelings of insecurity, fear and powerlessness are far more likely to gravitate towards collective leftist ideologies that offer utopian dreams of vicarious empowerment.

    A telling point is that this kind of person has a propensity to harbor feelings of victimization, as well as animosity, contempt and intolerance for anyone who disagrees with their escapist wish-fullfillment fantasies.

    These things are pretty well laid out in Les Carter’s magnificent book, “The Victim Trap”, which seems to provide a pretty darn good profile of your average commenter over at Daily Kos!

  13. I think the answer is quite simple, actually.

    If you had to live somwhere you hated, would you be happy?

    All we hear from Democrats is how horrible America is. There’s inequality. And we bomb brown people for black gold. And we’re racists. And we make the world hate us. And we’re racists. And we drive cars that are too big. And did I mention we’re racists?

    If you were a person who legitmately believed that your country was responsible for many, if not all, of the world’s problems, would you be happy?

    Republicans, on the other hand, tend to not view America as the Fount of Pollution and Inequality. We know that, whatever our individual foibles, we still live in the greatest country on earth.

    Who wouldn’t be happy?

  14. Another explanation is that Republicans (or at least conservatives) are comfortable with truths about human nature and human society–for example, that both are imperfect and imperfectable. That’s why we are skeptical of government efforts to make heaven on earth, or “immanentize the eschaton.”

    Democrats (or at least liberals) tend to believe that humans and society can be perfected (or at least vastly improved) through the magic of politics and government. Seeing the injustices–small and large–that highlight current imperfections, and the failure of constant efforts to bring about perfection, have got to be somewhat dispiriting.

    This is similar to Sowell’s theme in “Conflict of Visions,” in which liberals seek “cosmic justice” while conservatives are satisfied w/ more modest achievements.

  15. A bunch of years ago, Charles Murray’s book _The Pursuit of Happiness_ discussed a study that compared ‘internals’ (people who believe they can control their destiny with ‘externals’ (people who believe their lives are controlled by external forces). Surprise: Internals were happier. They were also ‘better’ by almost every metric imaginable: They lived longer, were generally healthier, earned more money, had a lower divorce rate, had kids who did better in school… In fact, the results were so skewed that the peer reviewers of the study suspected the researchers of cooking the books.

    This all seems very consistent with philo’s observation. After all, how happy can you really be when your happiness is dependent upon that government t*t.


  16. There’s also the matter of what they want.

    Democrats want there to be no inequality, or hurt feelings, or pollution, or losers in life. Oh, and these conditions must be enforced by a perfectly benevolent and utterly incorruptible government.

    Republicans basically just want the government off their backs.

    You can argue that both goals are impossible, but the Republican dream is just a little bit less impossible than the Democrat one. The Republican dream can be solved by changing who you vote for. The Democrat dream can only be solved by changing human nature.

    So, again, who has more cause to be happy?

  17. “Republicans stress freedom and individual responsibility.” Aren’t you talking about libertarians?

    Republicans often define themselves with traits such as “stressing freedom” and “fiscal responsbility,” but I don’t see that in the current political atmosphere. If anything, current Republicans have been eroding individual freedom.

    I’m just a happy independent.

  18. Could it be . . . faith. There is some correlation that those with a strong religious faith tend to be conservative and thus identify with Republicans. Perhaps their greater happiness is due to faith more than a political party. Faith caused happiness and it’s only a coincident that it also correlates with Republicans.

  19. Republicans such as Lincoln, Teddy Roosevent, Reagan can hardly be considered to be opposed to change. Reagan transformed conservatism from resistance to change into what used to be called liberalism. Classic liberalism places the onus of your happiness on yourself. Anyone who thinks that government will make you happy is guaranteed to be unhappy.

  20. I think you are on to something regarding change versus staying the same. It would also be interesting to see if there is any correlation between being an optimist or pessimist and political leanings.

    Or perhaps it has something to do with coping mechanisms. I would wager it is much more more likely to find Democrats staging protests, sit in’s, marches, etc. as a means to cope with a political environment that runs counter their beliefs. How well does this strategy increase happiness? From my, albeit biased view, it would seem it ends up being a bit of a gamble. Many protests lead to no immediate visible change in government or policy. I imagine this leads to a feeling of helplessness and failure. The few that do make a difference though probably bring an immense amount of pride and joy.

    What is to a Republican as a protest is to a Democrat? In my personal experience it’s voting with your checkbook or your feet. And since both of those activities (changing buying habits or moving) have immediate and tangible results to the voter I would wager that it helps the voter feel better about a disagreeable situation or political environment.

    Clearly the realm of civil disobedience has been dominated by the left for quite some time and they have achieved many policy results in the last 50 years. But ever since McCain-Feingold the right has been increasingly involved in special interest groups and other forms of political action. If this trend continues I wonder whether or not there will be any change in measured happiness.

  21. “Republicans stress freedom and individual responsibility, which lead people to feel in control and take action that changes their lives for the better, while Democrats assign blame to institutions, which makes people feel powerless and discourages them from undertaking ameliorative courses of action.”

    Are you sure about that? Because that doesn’t describe the Republican Party I’ve seen for the last eight years…

  22. As others have observed, people that believe they control their destiny to some degree become Republicans because they want to keep and protect that which they create or hope to create.

    People that believe they are powerless to help themselves against the various tides of life seek to “even up the score” by taking for themselves that which they have not earned. These people become Democrats. They are unhappy and bitter because they believe the world owes them something.

  23. Democrats are unhappy because their thought process is to interpret things dishonestly, in a search for manipulative advantage. This is the derivation of PC talk, with all of its elaborate qualifications. Democrats are defending themselves against each others strong tendency to intentionally misunderstand anything that can possibly be misunderstood as offensive.

    The effect of this effort NOT to understand is that Democrats don’t understand anything, and that is why they are unhappy. They go through life with an extraordinary sense of disconnect from reality. They have no confidence of their place in the world because their whole mode of place-seeking is to have a fluid view that interprets everything in the way that seems most advantageous at the moment.

    They also are always trying to see other people as having wronged them, in order to have grounds to claim victimization and redress. Thus their tendency is to develop a nasty view of the world.

    All conducive to unhappiness. Manipulative dishonesty is the fount of blue state blues.

  24. This is a particularly good day for Greg D’s comment: All we hear from Democrats is how horrible America is. There’s inequality. And we bomb brown people for black gold. And we’re racists. And we make the world hate us. And we’re racists. And we drive cars that are too big. And did I mention we’re racists?

    The cover of the Red Menace, er…Eye, the “youth” newspaper put out by the Chicago Tribune today is, “Racism vs. Sexism–Which do we have more of in Chicago?”

    Unbelievable. Yeah, and they’ll all be miserable even if those things were eliminated…by The Government(!) because there’s always something to complain about…

    Another thing: Who is “The Government”? Is it the feds, the state, the county, the city, what? Honestly, these people are so infantile in their thinking it’s a wonder they can feed and clothe themselves without a G-man’s assistance. I mean G-person.

  25. I think the the answer is much simpler.

    Democrats are wracked with envy if they have less than others (“They don’t deserve all that! Re-distribute the wealth!) and wracked with guilt if they have more (I don’t deserve all this — others have so much less. Oh darn, my latte is cold — Maria, be a dear and fetch me another).

  26. Interesting post. I’d tend to agree with some of what you have said. The problem I see lies in the difference between correlation and causation. You have found trends but there is not a causal relationship between any of the factors you propose.

    Do Democrats seek change because they are unhappy or do both unhappiness and desire to seek change result from a third influence? As an example, a person may be more likely to be both a Democrat and unhappy if they empathetic toward those less fortunate (it is hard for some people to be happy when they feel surround by those who are less fortunate). Another example, based on a broad generalization, is that Democrats are ‘feelers’ and Republicans are ‘doers.’ This is a psychological difference in how these groups perceive the world that again is the third factor that affects both observations. These are just a few suggestions for a multitude of possible causes which could explain both observations.

  27. I don’t believe this for a minute, but let me play devil’s advocate. (No, I don’t think liberals are devils. It’s a figure of speech.) Wouldn’t a true lefty, who knows deep down that the world is nothing but a nasty sink of oppression, with the haves grinding the have nots ever deeper into the muck, feel a little selfish enjoying personal happiness? “How can I be happy when the whales are dying and the minimum wage is $5.15?” Just trying to put myself into the other guy’s head, and it’s not pleasant.

  28. The people who join terrorist groups in Islamic society are the same equivalent group that become ‘liberals’ in our society. They have the same anger, self-loathing, and need to lash out.

    Our society is the better one to the extent that many Muslim terrorist would-bes cross over into our society (and form groups like CAIR), whereas only two, John Walker Lindh and Adam Gadahn, have crossed over from the California lefty fringe to join an Islamic terror group.

  29. The core of liberalism is guilt. It’s less a philosophy than a psychological syndrome. The Democratic has many more liberals, so Democrats are less happy on the average.

    When Air America was started to compete with Rush Limbaugh it was obviously hopeless. Rush is popular because he is a happy guy — finally succeeding at something he loves, and communicating convincingly that pretty much anyone can do it (statistically unlikely, but you aren’t required to be a statistic). I’ve never heard a happy liberal, and they didn’t come up with any.

  30. Many good posts on this topic!

    My theory, albeit limited to about the last 40 years of American history: Democrats make the messes, Republicans clean them up.

    There’s nothing like tidying up a room, or a state or a country, to give one that feeling of accomplishment, of satisfaction, of…happiness.

    Plus, the best Reepub leader of my generation, Ronaldus Maximus, is also a Top Five Prez in all of U.S. history. Dubya will be Top Ten, after all the hazy hate blows away in the next 3-5 years. Those two, versus Clinton and Carter. Heh. Our guys (and gals) are just more capable. When you hang out with — and vote for — capable people, there’s more happiness.

  31. A “professional date” friend of mine swears her best clients are Republican because they have a lot of discretionary income to see her on the side…while they pretend to be happily married and dutifully go to church.

    So yeah. I can see why Republicans might be happier lol

  32. Last time I checked, terrorist groups are radicals. “Radicals” swing both ways. Since the groups you’re referring to are steeped in religion, John Walker and Gadahn certainly aren’t the equivalent of “lefties” in the States.

  33. If most of these 34 responses are a sampling of thinking in America today, there is hope for America in November!

    At 75, I am a life long happy, optimistic Republican who was introduced to Conservative values by my sixth grade teacher
    64 years ago. Goverment owes me nothing but freedom to be all I can be and protection from foreign and domestic enemies.

    I’ve been a country preacher for well over 50 years now and never made much over $20M annually, until recent years.
    God has met all my needs and given my wife and me the ability to make our money stretch. We’ve never lacked anything we needed and by God’s grace, have raised three kids who are each succesful parents now raising our 11 grandchildren.

    I accept my Social Security because I paid into it all my life, but I have never subscribed to the false idea that government has the responsibility of taking care of me from the cradle to the grave.

  34. The copious amounts of happiness and love you all profess nearly make me want to recant my beliefs that EVERYONE should have an equal chance at happiness (you know that whole Declaration of Indpependence thing).

    You’re all a bit diluted if you don’t think that this self-reporting of happiness doesn’t tend to sway with the political tide. You are clearly confounding MEAN happiness of the country with MEAN happiness of a particular group of people.

    I won’t even mention that the MAJORITY of people are UNHAPPY with Bush’s job performance…oops.

  35. My vote is for ignorance is bliss to explain why Republicans are happier.

    You lost me when you said Republicans stress freedom… Funny because George has been taking away our civil liberties the last seven years.

  36. Perhaps Republicans are happy for the same reason that sociopaths are happy. They have no guilt about the people they hurt! Republicans waste our tax money, rip off their investors (yes, Enron was glutted with Bushies), ruin the economy, go to war with helpless people who don’t want us there, leave homeless men and women with mental problems out on the street, abandon our decorated veterans, let the planet come to a boil while denying that anything’s wrong (even as our lakes dry up and our coasts are bombarded with storms and floods), and slander those who hate their misguided policies as though somehow WE who are trying to stop the madness are the ones who hate America!

    Liberals (and not all Democrats are liberals) perhaps are less happy, because we feel the need to DO something positive for others–not to blame others for our problems, but to address how we as a people can help each other and better our country and our world. Republicans only think of “me me me,” of making more money, and to hell with anyone who might be exploited, imprisoned, discriminated against, or blown up in the name of filthy lucre. We liberals are not as delusional, not convinced that “greed is good,” after decades and thousands of deaths have proven the contrary. And happiness drenched in blood is not worth changing sides for.

  37. Can you wrtie a blog explaining the most important differences of being a Republican and a Democrat? As far as I know, both of them defend the people´s souvereignity, democracy and human rights if we talk in terms of this last century. Republicans defend a Republic built as a federal state, which deomocrats can do too. Im a little bit confused know… hope you can answer.

  38. Thanks for the encouraging post. I had been letting things get me down, but this just reminded me of the basics which cheered me up. Also, the almost comical pessimism of MJ “revolting pawn” reminded me not to be like that. There is hope!

  39. びっくり…

    The taking away of our civil liberties is comical? I do have hope and support Obama ( or Hillary if need be) all the way to led us out of the dark ally George has taken us into.

  40. MJ, I agree with Bikkuri. If GWB has so terribly trampled upon our civil liberties as you claim then it should be easy for you to provide specific examples of people you personally know that have been wronged by the administration. In fact, the only example I’ve ever heard of was Jose Padilla, the guy who was subsequently found guilty in a court of law.

    I would offer that your excessive doom and gloom over the top distress rather typically exemplifies the happiness gap to which the article referrs. People choose to be happy or not. In this case it seems you are going out of your way to believe a terrible “truth” that cannot be demonstrably proved just to allow yourself the indulgence of being a miserable victim.

  41. submandave…

    You make it sound like I am the first and only person who have criticized George on attacking our civil liberties.

    Maher Arar… Yes he was a Canadian citizen but just as easily could have been a American.


    Peace groups have been targeted and spied on by the FBI and CIA including Quakers.


    The no fly list has been used to also target peace group leaders.


    Hell, I think Ted Kennedy is on the no fly list again.


    Ever hear about Bush allowing of the spying of U.S. citizens who made overseas calls without a warrant?



    All of this is to create fear among the the citizens for no good reason but for control and expanding his power base.

    Some general links for you to read up on…



    [start sarcasm]
    I must be just making all this stuff up guess…

    Thanks for labeling and informing me that I am a miserable victim. I never knew…
    [end sarcasm]

    I am going to label and inform you that you are a [bleep].

  42. Political affiliation is 50% heritable, based on separated-identical-twin studies.
    And, I will dig for the link, to my own ten minute demise…shuffle…search…grumble grumble…got it!

    This happiness study and others like it indicate that there are strongly pre-determined psychological factors involved. Anybody witnessing the differences between a box full of kittens (some shy, some jump out of the box, some just want to play, etc.) *must* accept that temperament, and it’s translation into modern day language and issue based issues is mostly (50.1% rounds up to 100% if we follow our minor urges over the years to become intrenched in old, voting, age).

    A left wing person is born to see the world as in need of fixing. That might make you less happy. Duh. But we need people like that. A right winger (everything is just fine, just stop making our taxes more complicated, and grab me a beer babe the game is on!) is mellow. Mellow people tend to make more money due to less body-destructive stress hormones (this is textbook stuff by now). They can sit and study for years instead of get caught up in activist poster-waving publicity stunts during school, activities that hypothetically, or I mean obviously, do not help your grade point average and future earnings prospects thus.

  43. Note the difference in commentary when the left starts typing? Immediate name-calling (passive aggression), scatalogical thinking, and paranoia.

    They’re more worried that the government is going to tap their phones (and–surprise– find out they aren’t terrorists) than what the government does every day: wasting our hard earned money while undermining our society.

    Oddly, the only government program the left wants to dump is the military. Which is the one program that has worked. What other country in the world has been able to create probably the greatest military in history–epoch-for-epoch, age-for-age–than us? And on four percent of our GNP! Let’s see, that leaves the other 26 percent of GNP that our government takes in to do . . . uh, what exactly?

    So whine, name-call, curse, stamp your feet all you want revoltingpawn. Conservatives see the problems and then go about getting the job done. Meanwhile, liberals snipe and make excuses. Guess which one is both happier and more fulfilled.

  44. “I won’t even mention that the MAJORITY of people are UNHAPPY with Bush’s job performance…oops.”

    And the approval rating for the Homocrat-led Congress is even lower.

    If the ‘majority’ dislike Bush, why did he win the 2004 election so handily?

    Why did the Homocrats try to steal the election twice (Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004)?

  45. Keith – yeah I noticed lefties in to prove the point and the commentary about happiness almost immediately. Of course, Jones isn’t any better, but I’m hoping he’s a troll.

    MJ and orangehairboy – those are cartoons. Come down to the soup kitchen and work with all the church groups there, so you can explain our heartlessness to us. I recommend reading “Who Really Cares?” by the (formerly liberal) economist Arthur C. Brooks. Conservatives are more generous to the down-and-out than liberals are.

  46. Homocracts? I am not familiar with that party. Keith I guess the left is not the only ones who name call.

    Yep, the military is a problem since that is where all our money is going and why Bush doubled our debt and I still don’t think Canada is going to attack anytime soon.

    Conservatives get things done? George was on vacation his whole first year in office until 9/11. What did George do since in office except spend a trillion dollars to invade a third rate country?

    Funny you talked about government wasting our money… Let’s see Clinton balanced the budget when in office. George introduced the first two trillion dollar budget and the first three trillion dollar budget and also doubled the debt of the 42 Presidents before him. Yep, we should be worried all right.

    Someone has to tell Jones that Bush lost the popular vote in 2000. Ummm it was Republicans trying to steal the election in Florida and Ohio (Hint – Republicans were running both states at the time) Never heard of diebold?

    Oh, Congress gets low ratings because the Democrats are not to doing the job the voters asked them to do. Bring the troops home, address health care, and basically stop Bush’s current policies. You can’t just cite something but need to understand why it is happenings.

    Bush is going down as the worst President of all time and still believe will see criminal changes when out of office so lets not waste time on him. Bye it was fun…

  47. MJ,

    You are an ignorant Homocrat. Here is why :

    1) “What did George do since in office except spend a trillion dollars to invade a third rate country? ”

    A trillion? Then again, if leftists understood math, they would not be leftists. BTW, Clinton authorized the toppling of Saddam in 1998, and actually started to bomb him heavily, and then stopped.

    2) “Let’s see Clinton balanced the budget when in office. ”

    Wrong. The GOP congress did, led by Newt Gingrich.

    3) “George introduced the first two trillion dollar budget and the first three trillion dollar budget and also doubled the debt of the 42 Presidents before him. ”

    Inflation is a concept you should educate yourself about. Do you think Borat Hussein Osama will have ANY budget under $3 Trillion? Wanna bet?

    4) “Someone has to tell Jones that Bush lost the popular vote in 2000. ”

    er… the electoral college rules are known to both sides. You are just angry that the GOP has won 7 of the last 10 elections, and Homocrats have won just 3 (2 of them due to Ross Perot). Clinton only got 41% and 49% of the vote in 1992 and 1996 respectively. Go educate yourself.

    5) “Congress gets low ratings because the Democrats are not to doing the job the voters asked them to do. ”

    Finally, we agree – Homocrats are even more inept than Bush. This is why they have a lower approval rating than Bush. Everything is relative.

    6) “Bush is going down as the worst President of all time”

    He still beat the Homocrats twice, despite the Homocrats’ attempts to steal both the 2000 (Florida) and 2004 (Ohio) elections.

    I hope I have effectively educated you about how the world works.

  48. ignorant Homocrat? Since I am neither ignorant, a Democrat or a homosexual try a different name. Borat Hussein Osama? gee now that is ignorance…

    I am even going to reply to your comment since every reply by you to my points in last comment were just wrong or you didn’t understand my point.

    Funny part was you made remark about leftists and math then said somehow inflation at 4 to 5% made the budget go from less then 2 trillian to 3 trillian in five years. LOL

    Stick to the blogs dude since if debated anyone in person with your personal attacks your teeth be laying on the floor.

    OK I really out of here… Looks like did prove ignorance is bliss LOL

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