Romney Wins Maine

What’s the sound of one Republican winning? Silence, if that Republican is Mitt Romney. Ann Althouse asks a related philosophical question:

If Romney won a caucus in the extreme northeast, and nobody noticed, would it mean a damned thing?

Mitt Romney wins Maine, but nobody cares, despite high turnout and a large margin of victory.

The mainstream media have a storyline on the Republican race, and it’s McCain all the way. Anything that doesn’t fit the storyline is relegated to the back pages, if it makes it into the news at all. (In The New York Times, it didn’t.)

One thought on “Romney Wins Maine

  1. Please read the following article, then my comments. Even though my own comments take a slightly different course, it does underscore your point about the news media paying little or no attention to Romney’s wins. The news media shows bias for their own handpicked candidate.


    In your article, “Hillary Vs. McCain Just Might Be The Final” you discounted Romney’s Nevada win, because of the “Mormon population there”. Your comment assumed there was “Mormon” bias in the vote. The Mormon’s there were only about 23% of the TOTAL vote. Your comment was very un American and bias itself. Give the Mormon’s a break! They are also AMERICANS.

    Think how ignorant your comment is. If the Mormon vote doesn’t count, then neither does Hillary’s women and gender votes, or Obama’s black and minority votes, or Huckabee’s Christian Evangelical votes, or or McCain’s Veteran and Independant votes. Nobody’s votes count then. This article reveals YOUR ignorance and YOUR Bias, more than it shows the facts. Your words and opinion especially is what doesn’t count. This is a great example of “Read Between the Lines”, because the lines themselves reveal the lack of intelligent reporting. By the way, who declared Gulliani the front runner in the beginning? He hadn’t won anything and still hasn’t? Was it the Liberal or opinionated news media’s across America, who are told what to say by their owners? And the owners—Are they paid (bribed) by the powerful people behind the scenes pulling the strings?

    You say the Mormon voice doesn’t count. You Political Pundits try to sway the voters to your OPINIONS and claim the so-called declared front runner by your clever words, even though the facts speak otherwise. In this race, the facts are staring you guys right in the face, yet you all choose to ignore it.

    The Mormon’s never hurt anyone. Every year, tens of thousands of those who learn for themselves who we really are and what we have to offer, join the church. They learn this from the original source (you can’t get more original than that) and NOT from fabricators, opinionated journalists or deceiving anti-Mormon’s.

    The Mormon’s never hurt anyone, but seek brotherly love and tolerance— Even with those neighbors who choose by their right not to follow the Mormon way. Some Mormon’s may be more American than many Americans.

    The Mormon’s never hurt anyone, nor have their leaders. Yet bigoted American citizens, murdered the Prophets of God (Joseph Smith Jr. and his brother Hiram Smith), murdered children, raped and murdered the Mormon women, destroyed their homes and crops, stole their livestock and drove the Mormons from their rightful property more than once. While all this went on, they sought for help from State representatives, Governors and even Washington. Politicians all turned their heads and ignored the Mormon’s, even though they knew the Mormon’s had just cause to seek redress. Why? It is because the politicians were all afraid that helping the Mormons, would not help them get votes. AND THAT IS VERY UN AMERICAN. AND NOT COUNTING THE MORMON VOTES (Who are also American’s) IS SO UNAMERICAN. SO BIGOTTED AND SO BIAS.

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