A Question for the Candidates

Here’s a question I’d like to hear the Presidential candidates answer:

Your first year in office is nearing its end. Without warning, terrorists detonate a nuclear device—a “dirty bomb,” say—in downtown Los Angeles. Hundreds of thousands are dead or dying; much of Los Angeles is uninhabitable, and will be many years. Al-Qaeda claims responsibility. Intelligence indicates that the bomb came from either Iran or Pakistan—perhaps with official approval, perhaps not. (1) On the international front, what do you do? (2) What’s your strategy for preventing this scenario from becoming a reality?

India, at least, is thinking about similar scenarios.

Are there questions you’d like to ask of the candidates?

UPDATE: A question in tonight’s debate actually bore some resemblance to mine, concerning the possibility of a nuclear attack on American soil.  Obama responded that he wanted to rebuild the nuclear proliferation treaty….

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