Losing Branches—and Finding Them Again

Deep thoughts from Glenn Reynolds here. I like the “Garden of Forking Paths” image invoked by Jorge Luis Borges and exploited by Anil Gupta and Richmond Thomason in their development a logic that combines tense and modality. From that point of view, as we get older, the garden in front of us thins. I had thought of that as discouraging. But it also shrinks opportunity costs.

I’m struck, too, that one can still take up paths long neglected, and that doing so is surprisingly rewarding. I took up playing the bass again after thirty years; in fact, my main Christmas present was a Crate BX100 bass amp. I’ve started composing music, something I hadn’t done since college. Dymphna has taken up ice skating. If you’re in search of a New Year’s resolution, I recommend thinking back and taking up again something you used to love but gave up along the way.

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