I Have No Words….

Michelle Malkin: A Dutch couple who adopted a South Korean girl as a baby, when they thought they couldn’t have children, has given her back now that they have two children of their own. Some insightful comments on her thread:

What is this poor child going to think for the rest of her life?

Not to mention the emotional damage they’re doing to their biological children. They’re giving away their sibling and I’m sure they’ll think that it can happen to them to.


2 thoughts on “I Have No Words….

  1. If that is the kind of people they are, then maybe that is the sort of thing they should do. Better that than raise her in a fog of resentment. Hopefully she ends up with a more caring set of parents then the ones who returned her and will eventually come to feel grateful for that.

    Happy New Year, Philo.

  2. Happy New Year, Randy! You’re absolutely right. I feel sorry for the girl for getting those “parents” in the first place. But it may be best that she’s getting away from them.

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