Feline Friday: Buttercup and Pepper

Pepper and ButtercupMy daughter’s piano teacher wanted a Maine coon cat, and talked to someone who rescues them. By the time one appeared at the animal shelter in need of rescuing, however, she couldn’t adopt it. (Her other cat had become very ill, with a communicable disease.) She asked us to consider adopting it. We went to see the cat, and, the next day, a Friday, came home with it—and with three other cats who were due to be euthanized the following morning. All were sick. The kitten, Miss Kitty Fantastico, died suddenly on Monday after seeming fine all weekend. The Maine coon cat, after about a week, was happily reunited with its owner and its brother. The other two cats, who were raised together and brought to the shelter by the same person, recovered quickly and still live at our house. They’re wonderful pets. As this yin-and-yang photograph suggests, moreover, they’re very close friends. They’ve instituted the tradition of the purr-pet: they love to be petted as they eat. Inspired by their example, about a half dozen of our cats have joined in the practice.

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